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That was close - Anarchist Writers back online after a week

As you may have noticed we were down for just over a week and its only in the last couple of days that we even had a visible error notice rather than an blank screen when you tried to visit. If you are following us on Twitter or Facebook you will have seen some earlier somewhat paniced messages as for a time there it looked like we might have lost it.

Some Anarchist Writers visitor stats

Some stats for Anarchist WritersI was about to do an update when I noticed one of the authors is logged in so rather than risk have them lose whatever it is they are writing I'm going to hold off and fill the time by giving some details of visitor numbers, most popular articles, search terms etc.  The site has existed in some form for two years and our peak traffic so far was this October when we broke 10,000 unique visitors (10296 to be exact) and over 17,000 individual visits (the difference being due to some of the unique visitors coming here more than once in that period).  Our most popular article rather unsurprizingly is the Anarchist FAQ index page which has now had around 25,000 views since its creation a little over a year ago.

We are on twitter and other new features on anarchist writers

You can now follow Anarchist Writers blogs and articles on Twitter.  Follow anarchistwriter and notification of new blogs and articles will be posted with a link and summary as they are published on the site.

We are using twitterfeed to do this so this process is automatic, you might also want to follow anarkismo and wsmireland on twitter to get similar updates from those sites.

Site updated, multiple changes and registration turned off

The site has just been updated to Drupal 6.6 which gets all the security up to date. All existing modules were also updated and I've installed a number of new ones.

Basic editor added

I've just added a basic editor to the site which means when you publish an article you now have a set of buttons above the Body box that make it easy to add basic html formatting. For instance if you select some text and then click on the B then HTML strong tags will be inserted before and after the text which will put it in Bold when published.

Welcome to Ramor

Ramoy Rya author of Clandestines - The Pirate Journals of an Irish Exile (AK Press 2006) is the latest writer to join the site. He lives in Chiapas, Mexico and his first piece reports on a recent visit to Oxaca, you can read it at

Well that was scary

So this site is my first sole admin experiment with Drupal. As anyone who visited today will know it was rollercoaster. First the site was off line with a nice polite off line message - but for a long time.


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