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A Note From Below To The Yes Voter

Written last Friday as the result of the recent Irish referendum came in.

Cead Mile Failte to the IMF

Here a track i put together last week about the (then impending) IMF/ECB bailout

"Nothing is different, it just isn't the same"

I started out to write something about the imprisionment of Pat O Donnell, a farmer from Mayo, in the west of Ireland. The charges where trumped up by the Irish police force, as part of ongoing harrassment of members of the local community and (inter)national campaigners taking on Royal Dutch Shell.

Seomra Spraoi, Automous Social Centre Project in Dublin

Thought id get back into the saddle of writing again, and to help motivate i'd try and pull together some previous work. This thread is about the social center project Seomra Sproai.

Some more designs for stickers posters etc

Ok heres a few posters stickers ive been working on lately, or over the past while

Design - capitalism makes slaves

yeah so heres my first offering to the loose band of anarchists online, not sure how lots of this works yet, but with perseverance it'll be a doddle


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