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Orthodoxy and Time

Dali melting clockThis piece is a sequel to the previous "What is Orthodoxy" post below and should ideally be read after that. Here we are looking at how the objectivist notions of class talked about in the first piece in the series, relates to a particular notion of time - the Epoch.

Tronti's Gentle Chiding

Mario Tronti

[This is another re-homed post, from October 2008.]

The Production of Use Values

This is again a re-posting of an old text in an attempt to consilidate my online texts in one place. This particular text is in fact nearly 20 years old. It is, like the vast majority of my written work, fragmentary and unfinished. Unlike the mass of fragmentary texts I keep around, however, this one I did publish, many years ago, back in the days of free geocities sites. I include it here unchanged for reference, although some of my views on these matters have since evolved. The "Four Levels of Use Value Production" post below represents more recent reflections on this topic, but it does not follow up all the ideas contained in this original.

Guattari on Marxism

This is a re-posting of a piece from my previous blog, originally put up in October 2006.

I include the following quote from Felix Guattari from "A New Alliance is Possible" from "Soft Subversions" because for me it sums up perfectly the only possible response to daft questions like "are you a marxist?"

Aporiai of Political Action

Binary Star GX 339-4As an example of the aporiai of political action I mean things like the deadly embrace between sectarianism and opportunism. Rather than being simply solitary dead-ends, these aporiai achieve their impasse effect as being binary systems of paired dead ends, the escape from one leading directly into the heart of the other and vice versa.

What is Orthodoxy?

St. AthanasiusA spectre is haunting the Left, the spectre of orthodox Marxism. In order to fully exorcise this pernicious spirit it is necessary to first understand it's true nature. The orthodox interpretation of Marxism arose after Marx's death through the work of Engels and the founders of the German Social Democratic Party (SPD), most significantly, Karl Kautsky

A picture can tell a thousand words

Of course, it's not exactly as simple as it first appears. In the wake of the crash the ISDA started chivvying CDS dealers to try and net out their deals. As CDS are fixed term contracts and normally non-tradeable, the common practice for getting out of a CDS deal before the fixed term (usually 5 years) expires is to create a second, opposite contract. The end result is double the notional outstanding, though the deal has been effectively cancelled

Theses for a Post-humanist economics

Moniac Economic Computer

This is neither a manifesto or a manual. It is a call to rethink the paradigm of change. The purpose of these theses is neither to analyse, argue, persuade or convince, but only to provoke.

Communism (again)

Today the word "communism" is most often associated with the totalitarian one-party states of Soviet Russia or China. Nothing could be further from the anarchist goal of a stateless, free society. So the association of anarchism with communism seems, at first sight, perverse.

Sloan's Ranges - Alfred not Henry Ford was the father of consumerist capitalist culture

Alfred P. SloanThe world changed in 1921, as much in Detroit as Kronstadt. In that year the doctrine of the genius of the designer had to cede to the desire of the consumer.


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