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Latest video - Dublin health march

Another week, another video. This time I'm trying something new which is putting audio over footage of the Health Service demonstration that went through Dublin yesterday. These google videos do attract an audience, two of those I've put up so far are over 500 views and another hit 200 in 48 hours.

Seomra Spraoi opens up again in Dublin - video walk through

Seomra Spraoi, the Dublin social center project, is back once again. yesterday afternoon I visited and splashed some paint on the walls of the new premises at 10 Belvedere Court, 1 lane North of Mountjoy square.

More audio - on the economic collapse

I've been editing the audio recorded at a WSM meeting last Wednesday on The cause of the crisis in global capitalism to turn into podcasts and a google video. This is the second google video I've done, I'm very interested in the additional reach that producing material in this format may provide, the previous video has around 400 views at the moment.


Some recent audio work - Rossport, Fascism and Kibbutz

I've not been blogging anything like as often as intended for a variety or reasons including going through a tough period. But what I have been doing a fair bit of is audio recording, some of it with my new Olympus DC-40 which I'm delighted with. I'll try and blog a bit more often in future but in the meantime here are links to some of that audio

New article - if you can read Spanish

I've a new article up if you can understand Spanish. It's 'Una introducción al anarquismo en los albores de la revolución china' which is an introduction I was asked to write to three articles of Ba Jin newly translated into Spanish. I'm not publishing the English original for now as it is in large part extracted from a much longer article I've submitted to the North Eastern Anarchist on The Chinese Revolution and Anarchism. That article should have appeared at the start of the year but fell through the cracks in the editorial process

Giovanni Arrighi talk in Dublin

I went along with a few friends last night to hear Giovanni Arrighi the author of The Long Twentieth Century and Adam Smith in Beijing give at talk at the national gallery titled 'Hegemony Unravelling: American Imperial Decline and the Ascent of China'. This was organised by something called Irish Seminars 2008 under the title 'Republics and Empires'.

All over in LA

Irrigation in Central Valley All journeys, including that through life, come to an end. Los Angeles was the end of a long road for me in more ways that one. I knew within a couple of weeks I would be returning to Ireland, so simultaneously it was the end of the 16 total weeks I had spent on the road, the end of my political activity in North America and hardest of all the end of a ten year relationship including four years of marriage.

At AK press in Oakland

AK press warehouseI first got to San Francisco via a long drive down the highway from Humboldt in Northern California, a great trip as it goes through the mountains where some of the remaining redwood forests are to be found. I've a surprizingly strong memory of listening to a long discussion about Twitter on TWIT on my iPod touch as we swung through the hills and over bridges before coming down to find urban sprawl and vinyards. It was a sunny day in San Francisco and I spent a couple of hours wandering around before getting the BART to San Jose.  It was only a few days later that I returned to the Bary Area but this time to Oakland and Berkley as the Bay area date was to be in the AK press warehouse in Oakland and I was staying with a WSA member in Berkely.

Debugging San Jose

De Bug San Jose The San Jose meeting took place at the De Bug centre in San Jose and attracted 32 people. The meeting organised by Amancer was the first public event they organised in the city.

Among the redwoods in Arcata

Redwoods Last nights meeting at Humboldt State University at Arcata went well with 35 people attending. The Humboldt side trip has been a very interesting one for political as well as scenic reasons.


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