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Extending the accounts of my North American speaking tour

USA poster

In late 2007 and early 2008 I went on a speaking tour of North America of some 44 cities across two Canadian provinces, 18 US states and Washington DC. The start of my blog on this site was the entries I made for the 2008 section of my speaking tour across North America. However as the 14 or so weeks on the road were both exhausting and my access to internet was sporadic most of the entries made at the the time were very short. So over the last year or more I've popped in from time to time to edit some of these entries, in some cases expanding them to 5,000 words or more.  Hindsight has allowed me to do some background reading but also realise that my tour was happening in the context of two significant events, the election of the first black president and the start of the capitalist crisis of 2008.

The origins of RAG & the production of their magazine at the 2008 Dublin zine fair

Last Sunday I staffed the WSM stall at the first Dublin independent zine fair and while I was there made an audio recording of the Revolutionary Anarchist Feminist Group (RAG) session at the zinefair. WSM stall at the Dublin Zine fair



Revolutionary Anarcha Feminists on their origins and the production of the RAG magazine by Andrew Flood on Mixcloud


60,000 demonstrate in Dublin against Education cuts

Last Saturday I took part in the 60,000 strong protest march organised by one of the teachers unions against the education cuts that the government has introduced to deal with its tax shortfall from the capitalist crisis. I've uploaded a youtube video of the entire march with a voice over of an article from Workers Solidarity.

Reacting to the crisis in Capitalism - Are we entering pre-revolutionary times?

We are now many months into the capitalist crisis and ordinary workers are feeling the effects increase day after day. In Ireland the WSM decided to carry out a lot of activity in these initial months of crisis and a lot of my political activity in the last weeks has been in connection with this. Postering in Dublin

Report on the Nov 2008 Grassroots Gathering in Cork

Performance at the Grassroots Gathering

 I spent Saturday at the Grassroots Gathering in Cork. The event was pretty successful I'd guess there were at least 80 there on the Saturday. It's good that after its two year interruption the Gatherings seem to be getting back on their feet.

Just finished Generation Kill

Following on from The Wire which I loved I've just finished watching the 7 episodes of David Simon's follow up project Generation Kill. This follows the United States Marine Corps' 1st Reconnaissance Battalion during the invasion of Iraq . It's based on the book published by Rolling Stone journalist Evan Wright who was embedded reporter with this unit and whose article resulted in three marines being disciplined.

Bloom conference in Dublin

I spent yesterday morning and the early part of the afternnon removing 6 years accumulation of grease from the kitchen wallks. But in the late afternoon I escaped amd got to the Bloom conference in the Teachers Club.

Belfast and the RIR parade from afar

The weekend of Nov 1st saw the Royal Irish Regiment stage a 'homecoming march' through Belfast. There were several republican counter protests and the Belfast WSM decided to call one of its own.

WSM national conference weekend

Since I returned from North America I've been doing a stint in the newly created role of WSM Internal Secretary. This weekend I get to step down from this role and pass it on to someone else. As the WSM has grown we've found it increasingly difficult to have good internal co-ordination but at the same time its been increasingly important that we do. Our first step a few years back was the activation of a monthly Delegate Council meeting where delegates from each branch would meet face to face for mandated decision making. Getting this working was difficult at first, in a part because it was a new process but also because at first we had too many limitations on the sort of decisions that could be made and a cumbersome ratification process.

Back from the 2008 London Anarchist bookfair

Poster for British anarchist bookfair talk
Over the weekend I traveled to London for the annual anarchist bookfair to do a talk on the North American Anarchist movement (based on my speaking tour) and staff the WSM stall. The London bookfair is possible the biggest single anarchist events of that kind in the world with a few thousand people passing through the doors each year, around 80 stalls and four or five parallel streams of meetings.


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