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Re-trying twitter

I set up a twitter account about a year back, posted one tweet and never logged in again. With all the recent media hype (and the fact that they talk about it every show of the tech podcast TWIT (no relation) I listen to) I've decided to give it a second chance. This also ties into my intention of writing an articles on anarchist use of social networking, in particular looking at the legtimate concerns people have about security. We set up a WSM facebook account a couple of months back and its proved pretty useful to date but I'll hold further thoughts till I actually write that up.

Cover stories & globalisation

WS61I've been reposting some of my articles dealing with globalisation from the 1999 - 2002 period over the last week or so. Among them are a few short cover stories I wrote for Workers Solidarity in those years.

The Iraq war and those anti-war movement reposts

 At the start of the week I reposted a string of anti-war articles I'd written from the summer of 2002 to the late autumn early winter of 2003 to my article index on the site.  These are part of the large archive which has just about every article I've written since 1991 that is over on the struggle site.

Doug Henwood, MLK and Obama - compare and contrast

 Doug Henwood started his Jan 22th show by broadcasting segments of Obama's inauguration speech selected to highlight the pro-militarism nationalist market driven neoliberal ideology he shares with the old boss followed by a Martin Luther King speech.  Henwoood says he is throughly sick of comparisons between Obama and King.

Recruitment fear and loathing in Dublin

Flags on Mayday

Anarchists in general hate trying to recruit people to their organizations.  This probably arises from bad experiences with groups like the SWP who used to badger people who turn up at campaign meetings to 'join the anti-capitalists'.  But obviously it's more than a little counter-productive if we allow that behaviour to scare us off completely.

Speaking in Ontario - The first six stops of a 44 city North American anarchist speaking tour

Hamilton lakeshore Well it's well over a year late but I thought I should record the first six stops of the 'Building a popular anarchism' speaking tour which took place in August and September if 2007. At the time they were the only 6 stops, all six were in Ontario and part of the organising project that became Common Cause.

A week in Morocco

Carpet shops in Morocco"..there walked before the procession a young man who had made an incision in his abdomen, and drawn out a large portion of his intestines, which he carried before him on a silver tray. After the procession he restored them to their proper place, and remained in bed many days before he recovered from the effects of this foolish and disgusting act"

Speaking tour T-shirt (or Mug)

Tour t-shit A friend of mine (Aileen) very kindly made up a t-shirt of my North America speaking tour for me for Christmas via a internet t-shirt service. She said she could set it up so anyone else who wanted a souvenir could order one directly themselves so I'm providing a link below.

Gaza, sectarianism and anti-Semitism

Like I'd imagine a huge percentage of other active anarchists around the planet my last couple of weeks has been dominated by protests around the Israeli attacks on Gaza and discussion of the politics of the situation. In general the whole thing is quite depressing both from the point of view of the desperation of the situation and for how the online end reminds us once more of the chronically sectarian nature of parts of the anarchist movement.

Montreal talk - a year on

Montreal posterThis day last year I was getting out of bed in Montreal with a fearsome hangover having got back to my hotel at 4am after doing the sixth date of my North American speaking tour. Like the six earlier Ontario dates I wasn't blogging at that stage so I thought I'd revisit this stop.


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