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Multimedia documenting of the struggle against the Solitaire

Solitaire on the horizon in Broadhaven bayAs we wind down after the struggle against Shell's pipeline ship the Solitaire I'm using this blog post to bring together the bits of audio and video I recorded during that struggle and which have already been published as comments to articles on  In the next days I'm also going to trawl through my old web site and transfer over reports I wrote on the Shell to Sea struggle from a couple of years back to this site which will give a pretty complete archive of what I've produced. Shell got the pipeline into the bay but the next cycle of struggle will be the toughest for them as they try and run it through Rossport itself to link up to the refinery.

Erris explodes, distraction, fear, exhaustion and the circles of life

The view of the bay from the camp at sunsetAs you may have noticed it has been a full month since I last blogged, the largest gap I think in some while. There are multiple reasons for this but chief amongst them has been the enormous amount of energy that I have put into writing about the struggle against Shell in Erris, I'll be reposting some of the material I have written and recorded to this archive over the next few days.

Video: Shell 2 Sea protest over June Bank Holiday in Erris

Over the June Bank Holiday weekend dozens of people traveled from all over Ireland to Erris to join locals in ongoing resistance to Shell's project of imposing an experimental gas pipeline on the local community. I travelled down on the Dublin bus, an early 8.15 start complete with monitoring secret police car, for the 5+ hour journey right across the island to Erris at the western tip.

More old writings on imperialism

I resumed transferring articles from my old web site to this one today and have just moved over five articles I wrote on different aspects of imperialism from 1992 to 2001.  As usual its a little scary to be reading stuff from that far back, in particular when it carries a title like The return of the "white man's civilising mission"!

Post March 30: The movement evaporates

Anyone following the blog will be aware of the way I've been reporting on resistance in Ireland to the capitalist crisis.

The future of the Grassroots Gathering and the new website

Anyone who attended one of my North American talks or who has followed my articles will have heard me mention the 'Grassroots Gathering' on more than one occasion.  This is/was a network of conferences held in Ireland from 2001 which served to bring everyone with libertarian politics together for the weekend and out of which a number of initiatives flowed.

Audio: A history of pro-choice struggles in Ireland

Three speakers talk about the pro-choice struggles in Ireland they were involved in over the last three decades. These include the 1983 anti-referendum campaign, the Womens' Information Network, the SPUC v students case, Dublin Abortion Information Campaign, X-Case, Repeal 8th Amendment, 1992 Referendum, Dublin Abortion Rights Group, Alliance for a No Vote, 1998 referendum, Choice Ireland and the D-Case.

Audio: Torab Saleh on the Iranian revolution

Poster for meeting

Last night I caught the end of a meeting on the 'Iranian Revolution – the hidden history' organised by Hands off the People of Iran (HOPI).  The speaker was Torab Saleh who took part in the movement of 1979 and whose talk concentrates on the anti-capitalist mass movement that overthrew the Shah's regime.  He also talks about how it was that the religious opposition came to dominate the movement.


Torab Saleh on the Iranian revolution of 1979 - HOPI meeting in Dublin by Andrew Flood on Mixcloud


Speaking at a pro-choice meeting in Maynooth

Poster for Maynooth meeting

Last night I gave a talk as part of a panel on pro-choice struggles in Ireland in NUI Maynooth.  The venue was a good measure of the huge changes around that issue over the last 20 years, it would have been impossible to imagine a pro-choice meeting in what is the catholic priest training college back in the 1980's never mind one without even an anti-choice picket in sight. Later on someone told me that the Sociology building itself had once been used to house nuns.

WSM national conference Spring 2009

We had the Workers Solidarity Movement national conference over the weekend in Dublin which meant hours spent inside while the sun was out debating and voting on motions and then hours spent outside when it was dark downing pint after pint of the black stuff.  Which makes for the sort of weekend that come Monday you need a weekend to recover.


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