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About the Networked Revolution tag and where I'm going with it

Swans, ducks & seagulls in Hyde Park - photo by Andrew FloodRegular readers may have noticed I’ve recently starting tagging articles & blogs with Networked Revolution some of which  don’t appear to have a direct connection to the revolutionary implications of social media. This is because I’m using this tag as a catch all for the blogs & articles I’m publishing questioning how we traditionally understand revolutionary organisation in the new conditions of today.

I’ve expanded this beyond simply being about the technology to the behaviors this new technology makes possible and also the conflicts it is creating. One aspect of this is the material looking as the arguments around what is often called ‘intersectionality’ although in terms of left practice the term micropolitics may be more useful.  In meat space I’ve had a few people asking me what I’m up to, surprised I suspect that I’ve been quite sympathetic to this set of ideas and methods while most on the left (particularly those over a certain age) are unrelenting in their hostility. Someone even told me I’m ‘playing a clever game’ so I thought it might be a good idea to clarify that this is a genuine exploration and explain some of what has prompted it.

Minister Charlie Flanagans cruel or careless words

In reaction to our outrage at the state force feeding a women in order to compel her to give birth against her wishes Minister Charlie Flanagan has declared "There doesn't appear to be an appetite for a further referendum" (Transcript)

It's hard to imagine a worse way to dismiss holding a referendum to Repeal the 8th Amendment. It was the 8th amendment (along with the states racist treatment of migrants) that led to the force feeding of the migrant women who had been raped, was suicidal and wanted an abortion. Instead she was forced through an additional 23 weeks of pregnancy and force fed when she stopped eating & drinking. This barbaric treatment eventually lead to her 'agreeing' to a C-section.

Youth Defence massively undercount numbers at another pro-choice protest

Long time followers of this site will be familiar with these posts. For rather transparent reasons to do with North America funding the bigot brigade ridiculously exaggerate numbers who attend their anti-choice protests and then massively under estimate the numbers who attend pro-choice protests. They have to keep the yankee dollar convinced after all that the people of Ireland are with them rather than running as fast as possible in the opposite direction. No dollars, no full time paid positions, offices and very expensive advertising campaigns.

Israel & Palestinian citizens of Israel - mass arrests expose democracy lie

The farcical claims of the Israeli apartheid state to be a democracy have been further exposed as more reports have emerged of the way they treated their own citizens during the murderous assault on Gaza. It has been revealed that Israel arrested over 1,000 Palestinian citizens of Israel and dozens of these are being held without charge, some for 9 or more days.

Police ban anti-war demonstration in Tel Aviv - arrest 14

 Police in Israel banned an anti-war demonstration in Tel Aviv Saturday night and when it went ahead and refused to disperse they attacked it arresting 14 people. Those arrested were held overnight and bailed on conditions including a ban on demonstrating for a month.

Greek court acquits farmers who shot 28 migrant strawberry pickers

 We are horrified by what appears to be a case of extraordinary racism, even by the standards of the Greek state. A farmer who "admitted shooting 28 Bangladeshi strawberry pickers when they dared to ask for months of back pay" has been acquitted by Greek courts.

Over the last few years one horror story after another about the treatment of migrants in and trying to enter Greece has emerged. Far right organisations have literally got away with assaulting and even murdering migrants while the state turned a blind eye.

Photos from Gaza - Mourning the Dead, Standing in Solidarity with the Living (28 photos)

The massacre continues in Gaza: more than 600 people dead, thousands wounded, tens of thousands displaced, hospitals, schools and ambulances attacked.  Photo album from this protest

Greyhound lockout - refuse trucks stopped in Stoneybatter

 Dublin is in an increasingly bitter Labour dispute at the moment because one of the main rubbish collection companies has locked out a large part of their workforce after they refused to accept a 35% pay cut.  Earlier this week I witnessed one of the community organised blockades of scab crewed lorries that are disrupting the collection service and wrote a couple of short pieces to accompany photos of these actions.

On Clare Daly & Mick Wallace entering Shannon airport to US inspect warplanes

This sequence of photos shows Clare Daly & Mick Wallace entering Shannon airport yesterday (22 July) to attempt to inspect the military planes that are clearly visible on the runway. They had been challenged to supply evidence of military flights transporting prisoners or munitions by former Justice Minister Alan Shatter when they attempted to raise the issue in the Dail.


Shell to Sea campaigners have prosecutions dismissed in relation to June 2014 mass tresspass

Some great news as two Shell to Sea campaigners have prosecutions against them dismissed in relation to the mass trespass and alleged destruction of equipment on Shell's Corrib site last June. At the time we reported Jim Cusack claiming in the this Sindo that 150,000 worth of damage had been done to Shell machinery during the mass action.

These cases was dismissed on 9th July, 4 other cases were up for further processing and will be transferred to the Circuit court, where there will be the option of a jury trial.

A report on the Shell to Sea site reads




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