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170 years of Anarchism

This year, 2010, marks the 170th anniversary of anarchism as a named socio-economic theory. With the publication of Proudhon’s "What is Property?" in 1840, what was a tendency within history became explicit. Yes, libertarian ideas and movements existed before 1840 – some of them, such as radicals in the Great French Revolution and the Lyons mutualists, influenced Proudhon but before 1840 these were never called anarchist. Socialist politics would never be the same again!

Property is despotism

Well, something strange happened last week. Bill O'Reilly (right-wing talking head on Faux News), by accident I am sure, said something I agree with. Moreover, he agrees with those far-left people Noam Chomsky and Proudhon...

As part of his somewhat insane "War on Christmas" theme (yes, really, I know given that we are deluged by Xmas at this time of year), O'Reilly stated the following ( as reported here):

Anarchism and the right

First off, a couple of new posts. The first is an interview I conducted with Mark Leier for Black Flag (issue no. 229). Mark recently published a very good biography of Bakunin (Bakunin: The Creative Passion) which I thoroughly recommend. As an anarchist, he manages to avoid the major problem inflicting books by academics on anarchism – he gets it.

Mutualists in the First International

Well, the London Anarchist bookfair was good. The new Black Flag (no. 230) sold well – we had the best stall takings for ages. So hopefully that will have an impact on our printing debts (looks like we may not only pay off this run but also make a small dent in outstanding monies owned!).

If anyone in the UK is interested in subscribing to Black Flag, it is £10 for 4 issues – but remember we come out bi-annually just now. Our address is:

Economic metaphors a-go-go

Apparently this year's (non-)Nobel prize for economics as caused a stir, with the results going to Elinor Ostrom and Oliver Williamson, one of whom it an Institionalist! A somewhat rare breed, the most famous of whom was the late (and important) John Kenneth Galbraith.

Hal Draper, numpty – part deux!

I've finally done a proper review of Black Flame and have sent it off to Freedom. The new issue of Black Flag should be ready for the bookfair. And I'm making progress on the introduction to the Proudhon Reader. And talking of which, here is another exclusive extract which refutes Leninist Hal Draper's attacks on Proudhon.

Mutual Aid Introduction update

Just a very quick note to say that my article on Kropotkin's mutual aid has been updated. This will be the text if and when AK Press UK publish it. While I had hoped that it would be out for this year's London anarchist bookfair on the 24th of October, I've just been informed that it will be delayed. Hopefully it will appear sometime later this year. And, hopefully, the new Black Flag will be there at the bookfair...

Proudhon and Marx on Exploitation

Here is an exclusive extract from the introduction to the Proudhon Anthology I’m working on (and we do need more translators, if you want to contribute!). It is on Proudhon’s theory of exploitation and how Marx, basically, appropriated it …

Also, the translations are progressing. Got a chapter of Confessions of a Revolutionary and it contained a wonderfully witty insult. Made me laugh out loud so I thought I would share:

Inequality in the UK

A few weeks ago I posted an article on inequality in the UK, using a surreal article in the right-wing Daily Mail. It essentially protrayed those on £50,000 a year as "middle class" or "middle income". In fact, they were talking about people in the top 10%! Since then, I've come across a useful TUC source addressing this

Anarchists and health care reform

Well, I'm back from holiday. Which explains the lack of posts and blogs (but I did manage to get another release of An Anarchist FAQ done). I've posted a new article on the economics of anarchy, based on my speech at the Radical Routes conference earlier this year.


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