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The Russian Revolution

I've decided to transfer a few articles and reviews about the Russian Revolution, as I've just finished a new review of an excellent book about the Bolshevik's first year in power by Alexander Rabinowitch. My review summarises the key information in it -- it is well worth reading. It covers the gerrymandering of the soviets to secure Bolshevik power -- an awkward fact that at least two Trotskyist reviews did not bother to mention!

Three important anarchist thinkers and activists

I’ve started the process of transferring files from my old webpage to this one. I’ve decided to put three review/reply essays about three very impressive anarchist thinkers and agitators: Emma Goldman, Voltairine de Cleyre and Louise Michel.

Weekly Worker (again) and Mutual Aid (again)!

Well, yet another week and yet another letter to the CPGB! They have published my last one, plus a letter from the person who provoked my original letter. My reply is below.

I have to say that I am constantly impressed that the CPGB has such an open letters page and I applaud them for that. Unlike, say, the SWP, they do open their letters page to real discussions -- which is pretty unique on the Leninist left.

More AFAQ news.

Due to a mix up with typesetting, the official launch has been postponed by a month. So, last weekend in September should see the launch of volume 1 in Glasgow. Hopefully. Almost certainly, in fact.

Another Weekly Worker letter

Well, another week and another letter to Weekly Worker. I have to say, the reply to my previous one seems a bit week, as can be seen from my reply. To be honest, it is a bit of an own-goal. Particularly as it was Marx who said that cannot judge people by what they say about themselves.

Arrogant Leninists annoy me!

Well, another week, another letter to the Weekly Worker! or so it seems...

Black Flag -- call for contributions/help

I would just to like to call for contributions for the next issue of Black Flag, the UK's leading (and oldest) anarchist magazine. It has a class struggle anarchist perspective, i.e., communist-anarchist or anarcho-syndicalist.

We are aiming to make it bi-annual this year and the first issue was published for May Day. The next will be for the London Anarchist bookfair in October. The deadline is in mid-August, but please contact us to you are planning to contribute material.

Letter to Freedom on Mutual Aid

Here is a letter I've sent off to Freedom in reply to a criticism of my review of Steve Jones' attack on Kropotkin. It appears to be from a Stirnerite, although the narrow kind of egoist that gives Max Stirner a bad name.

Suffice to say, writing that introduction to Mutual Aid came in very handy! Here it is:

Dear Freedom

Leninists and Workers Councils

Well, after discussing how Lenin distorted the marxist theory of the state and how Marxists belatedly embraced the notion of workers' councils a mere five decades after anarchists had, I got to thinking that since then they have tended to make a fetish out of them (just as they had previously made a fetish of the democratic republic).

Mutual Aid, updated

I've updated the introduction to Mutual Aid, based on a few suggestions from comrades. In addition, I read through it and fixed typos and improved the grammar and structure.

I have to say, that doing research on this has increased my appreciation of Kropotkin's work immensely. It is impressive how well it has stood up with regards to advances in modern science.


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