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A couple of meetings and capitalist crisis, again?

Well, now that capitalism is now no longer imploding (well, according to some headlines in the papers), on to more serious business of selling magazines. The next issue of Black Flag should be ready for the London Anarchist Bookfair (18th of October). Which means that we have become bi-annual, as planned! Which is good.

The Road to (private) serfdom...

I've been thinking about what to post next from the "archives". Part of the problem is that I started with the works I consider best, so now I'm at a wee bit of a lost what to post next. Any suggestions will be gratefully received!

That also means that new visitors should start at the last page and work forward! Maybe some sort of index page would make sense? Is that possible?

Leninism and Stalinism: A letter to the Weekly Worker

This letter to the Weekly Worker is a bit unusual for me, in that it is not in response to an attack on anarchism by the CPGB. It was provoked by reading part of the Manifesto of the Campaign for a Marxist Party by Hillel Ticktin. Ticktin is what passes for a Leninist intellectual these days and made his name by predicting the ultimate collapse of Stalinism for some decades before its ruling class come to conclude that private capitalism allowed more perks than state capitalism.

Mutual Aid, elections and a letter to Freedom

I've fixed a few typos in my introduction to Mutual Aid. Hopefully that are the last ones, but I'm sure a few still managed to get past!

Talking of which, this blog as a letter to Freedom related to my review of Steve Jones and his attack on Kropotkin. Some people do not give up...

A collective noun for anarchists?

Is there a collective noun for anarchists? If not, I propose Richard Nixon's suggestion of a wild orgasm of anarchists.

Nixon referred to the anti-war movement as a "wild orgasm of anarchists sweeping across the country like a prairie fire."

Which is pretty funky, in spite of the source. Any other suggestions?

Tories, Friedman and Monbiot

First, a new article. The Tories have been trying to portray themselves as to the left of Labour these days for some time. Not that anyone who remembers Thatcher could seriously believe them. The Tory Shadow Chancellor wrote an article for the Guardian on this which was so staggeringly bad I had to write a response. A staggeringly insane set of assertions by Osborne by any standard!

AFAQ news and Engels on Holland

As far as An Anarchist FAQ (AFAQ) goes, it looks like the launch will be in Glasgow in December. Layout issues have caused the delay but I’m assured by AK Press in Edinburgh that it will be physically out this year. As its being printed in North America, it may be a while before it reaches the UK. I’ll post when I get more information. And, yes, I do find this frustrating as hell!

A few reviews

A few new things, almost all reviews of books I consider important reading for anarchists. The one exception is a new review of Richard Dawkins Channel Four documentary on Darwin. Writing that introduction to Kropotkin's Mutual Aid has come in really handy!

A few pieces against Leninism

I’ve not uploaded old articles for a while, mostly because I’ve been busy researching labour strikes under Lenin (to refute the common Leninist assertion that the Bolsheviks had to impose party dictatorship because the working class was “atomised”). However, I thought I had better do so.

It’s a slow process – particularly as many of them were written as news articles for Freedom or as analysis of recent events for Black Flag. I’m not sure whether posting these is a good idea or not. Any comments on this?

A bit of Bakunin...

Have I ever mentioned that I'm a but of a fan of Bakunin? He is not my favourite anarchist thinker (that would be Malatesta) but his ideas are basic revolutionary anarchism. His critique of Marx has been proven totally correct, which probably explains why Marxists tend to be so dismissive of him and his ideas.


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