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Do not annoy Jon Stewart (plus crisis analysis and Kropotkin)

I wasn't planning to blog today, but I was watching The Daily Show last night and Jon Stewart was particularly good (but where is the UK equivalent?). He quite simply lets rip at Wall Street and the CNBC coverage. I'm sure the guy who cancelled now wished he turned up... Really, do not annoy Jon Stewart, particularly during an economic crisis and massive government bailout...

New articles, Mutual Aid and 30 Rock

Well, when I posed my previous blog (on my letter to Freedom on Keynes), I did think that I would be blogging against quite quickly. However, this was not to be. I was expected a reply to my latest letter to the Weekly Worker on anarchism, but there was no reply in the next two issues. They did publish my letter along from another anarchist one (and, yet again, I must praise their letters policy as being excellent) but no reply. I'm not that surprised, I should note.

Letter to Freedom about Keynes

The alternative bookfair at Ghent was very good. It was well organised, good selection of stalls, nice atmosphere, and a good venue (it was in an old factory, I think, so high ceilings so it did not get too hot -- always a problem at the London anarchist bookfair). And the food was very good. I would recommend going to the next one! So a big "well done!" to everyone involved!

Mutual Aid Launch 4th March London

Freedom Bookshop, 7PM, Wednesday, March 4th

Angel Alley, 84b Whitechapel High Street, Whitechapel, London

Socialisation, capitalisms and the Weekly Worker

As I've replied to the reply to my letter to The Weekly Worker, I though that I would take the opportunity to make some notes on a few issues I've been thinking about, more specifically on what socialisation means and, on a slightly related subject, forms of capitalism. I'll also mention, in passing, some credit crunch news.

A Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Reader

Next year, 2010, marks the 170th anniversary of Proudhon's What is Property? and so the naming of anarchism as a distinct socio-economic theory. I think that given the date, it would good to produce a collection of Proudhon's ideas to both mark that event and bring his ideas to a new generation of radicals.

Black Flag issue 229 appeal

Black Flag is a UK based class struggle anarchist magazine which (currently) comes out twice a year. We are not affiliated with any of the British anarchist federations, although we aim to have friendly relationships with all and hope to increase co-operation in the future. We also work with the comrades at Freedom.

The "Austrian" Delusion

I've nearly finished Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion. Very interesting, although I did find his discussion on the evolutionary roots of religion somewhat unconvincing. That he argued that religious belief was a by-product of some other trait created by evolution was interesting (although no mention of Stephen Jay Gould's Spandrels?).

Letter to Weekly Worker on anarchism and Greece

I think my major dislike for Leninists is their arrogance. It seems unfounded, given the actual track record of Leninism (and mainstream Marxism). So when I saw a patronising article on the Greek riots in the Weekly Worker I had to reply pointing this out. I've added the letter to the end of this posting, for those interested.

Number 6 has left the Village

Sad news today, Patrick McGoohan: The Prisoner actor dies aged 80.

For those who do not know, The Prisoner was a seminal 1960s TV
programme in which a secret agrent resigns, is kidnapped and is placed
in "The Village" and is assigned a number, namely Number 6 -- hence
the warcry "I am not a number, I am a free man!". His captors seek
to know why he resigned and he refuses to tell them:


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