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A few thoughts on Parecon

I'm sure most people reading this would be aware of Participatory Economics (Parecon, for short). Put forward by Michael Albert and Robin Hahnel in various forms for a while now, it has its fair share of supporters (including some anarchists). Personally, I think it is deeply flawed. I'll discuss why here.

Trickle-down economics we can all agree with

Great picture from Iceland, found via Paul Krugman's blog (Trickle-Down Economics). Photographs of bankers who left Iceland after the financial crisis have a new use in the restroom of a bar in Reykjavik:

Oh, and Steve Keen has an interesting blog entry too.

A Numpty for capitalism

Over the years, it is fair to say I've read more than my fair share of propertarian nonsense -- I had to, in part to refute claims that "anarcho"-capitalism is a form of anarchism, in part to critique their defences of capitalism.

Capitalism does not equal the market

First, some good news! My suggestion of a A Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Reader has been agreed to by AK Press. So, if you want to see an anthology of Proudhon published in 2010 then please get in touch -- even if it is only to recommend bits of Proudhon you like best. If you fancy translating material from French, I would be interested in hearing from you -- Proudhon's writings on the 1848 revolution really need to be in English (for example). Contact details as in the Proudhon blog post linked to above.

Fawkes pas, or the joy of ideology

One of the most bizarre things I have seen in my time in politics is the ability of people to hold two obviously contradictory ideas in their heads at the same time. Sometimes the contradiction is palpable, sometimes not so, but it is real.

A few comments on Post-Left Anarchy

Well, family and personal illness has ensured I missed the G20 protests. Instead, I've gotten into a discussion of "post-left anarchy" on the anarchy list, as a "Post-Left" anarchist has joined and wished to discuss it. So I thought I would share some of my thoughts here as well, plus post an old letter in reply to Bob Black defending his (false) assertion that most Italian syndicalists became fascists.

Dead Russians

Dead Russians? While it may sound like a punk band it is, in fact, an article in the Weekly Worker on how great Lenin and Trotsky were. Needless to say, I felt I had to reply -- a wee bit late, as I was very ill. The article covers a lot of ground, so I had to miss out a few critiques but I covered the usual ground. The letter is, as usual, at the end of this blog -- after some discussion of a few other dead Russians and, again, some economics links.

Stephen Colbert also rocks (madness on the right?)

My last blog had a wonderful embedded video of Jon Stewart destroying CNBC and its finincal reporting. He also had a go on CNBC on Letterman However, in terms of absolute laughout loud madness, this week's prize goes to Stephen Colbert: Colbert outguns Beck: Welcome to the 'Doom Bunker'.

Do not annoy Jon Stewart (plus crisis analysis and Kropotkin)

I wasn't planning to blog today, but I was watching The Daily Show last night and Jon Stewart was particularly good (but where is the UK equivalent?). He quite simply lets rip at Wall Street and the CNBC coverage. I'm sure the guy who cancelled now wished he turned up... Really, do not annoy Jon Stewart, particularly during an economic crisis and massive government bailout...

New articles, Mutual Aid and 30 Rock

Well, when I posed my previous blog (on my letter to Freedom on Keynes), I did think that I would be blogging against quite quickly. However, this was not to be. I was expected a reply to my latest letter to the Weekly Worker on anarchism, but there was no reply in the next two issues. They did publish my letter along from another anarchist one (and, yet again, I must praise their letters policy as being excellent) but no reply. I'm not that surprised, I should note.


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