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An Anarchist FAQ version 13.1

AFAQ is now at release 13.1. So What's New at the FAQ?

Mostly, it is the revision of the first three sub-sections, plus introduction, of section I. This is the first of three revisions, with sections I.4 to I.6 next, followed by I.7 and I.8. This revision took longer than I thought, mostly due to the new sub-sections and the work they required.

Rothbard: "We must therefore conclude that we are not anarchists"

An Anarchist FAQ spends some time explaining, probably in far too much detail given their small size and corresponding importance, why "anarcho"-capitalism is not a form of anarchism. Ironically, its founder Murray Rothbard once agreed!

AFAQ critique of a Marxist vindicated

One of the aims of An Anarchist FAQ (AFAQ) is to refute common myths about anarchism, particularly those spread by those opposed to anarchism. Marxists of various sorts (mostly Leninists, but not solely that trend) seem to be incapable of discussing anarchism without distorting it.

Anarchy and panarchy

When section F.7 on the history of "anarcho"-capitalism and its (non-)relation with anarchism was being written, there was a mention of "Panarchy" which simply did not fit easily into the sections.

AFAQ in Ghent, Belgium (21-FEB-2009)

8th International @lternative bookfair

21 February 2009

Ghent - De Centrale

Kraankinderstraat 2


The place to be for critical, counter-current books and publications, hard to find in mainstream bookstores.

The God Delusion and anarchism

Most anarchists (although not all) will find Richard Dawkins' critique of god and religion in The God Delusion (Bantum Press, London, 2006) both admirable and timely. However, most would be surprised that any critique of god would fail to mention, never mind discuss, Bakunin's God and the State.

An Anarchist FAQ London Book signing (31-Jan-09)

After the much anticipated book launch of An Anarchist FAQ (volume one), there will be a book signing at Freedom Bookshop. The main author Iain McKay will be speaking on the history and aims of the work, which has now been published by AK Press. This will be followed by a discussion on the book.

125 years of the black flag of anarchy

As well as 2008 being the 150th anniversary of anarchist use of the word “libertarian” to describe our ideas, this year also marks the 125th anniversary of the association of the black flag with anarchism.

150 years of Libertarian

This year, 2008, marks the 150th anniversary of the use of the word “libertarian” by anarchists.

Buying An Anarchist FAQ

Obviously, you can order An Anarchist FAQ (AFAQ) from any bookshop or any on-line bookseller. However, if you do then the publisher (i.e., AK Press) gets less money back in return (middle-men get their cut, in other words).

Normally, this is not an issue but as AK Press is an Anarchist publishing house then this means that they will not get that money to fund new anarchist material. Given its size and given that its price is £20/$25, every penny counts!



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