Kent State University

Most of the second leg of the rust belt stops city stops had been put together by either NEFAC members or anarchists who I knew already.  The one exception was Kent, Ohio.  Now I'd have known nothing about Ohio at all before the tour but when I got an email from the Kent Anti-Racist Action chapter offering to host a talk I recognised 'Kent State University' as the site of the massacre on May 4th 1970 when four people were killed when the National Guard fired into an anti-war demonstration.

Another letter to Weekly Worker

Well, the debate in the CPGB's Weekly Worker continues. Here is my follow up letter, covering the basics. If anyone is interested in the subject, my article critiquing the SWP's analysis of the rise of Stalinism should be consulted:

How the Revolution was Lost?

This is being printed (over three issues) in Black Flag just now.

Anyway, here is the letter.

Dear Weekly Worker

Pittsburgh at the Thomas Merton Center

Thomas Merton centre As part of the anarchism in Ireland speaking tour I spoke at the Thomas Merton Center in Pittsburgh April 2008. While in the city I stayed with and met with Pittsburgh anarchists and checked out some of the radical left and union history of Pittsburgh.

With the CTC in Atlanta

Atlanta is one of the major historic cities of the south but my first glimpse of it on Greyhound was of skyscrapers with blacked out windows that looked like missing teeth.  It turned out two tornado's had run through the city center a day or two previously.  The modern city is bit with some 6 million people living in the metropolitan area and at least the areas I saw had no resemblance to Gone with the Wind.

Winter Soldier in Gainesville Florida

CMC Gainsville The curse of the clashing meetings caught up with me again in Gainesville when my talk ended up as being just before the start of a 'Winter Soldier' hearing in another part of town. Despite this we got around 25 people along which was good for a town of 90,000.  

Now with added pirates!

Now with added pirates!

Headlines I did not expect to see:

Pirates release French yacht crew

Off the coast of that "anarcho"-capitalist utopia, Somalia. I wonder if the ideologues will using that as a selling point? I can just see it now:

"Not only does anarcho-capitalism hold the possibility of voluntary slavery, you can also be a pirate! Just like in the movies..."

Letter to Anarchy

Well, I seem to have pissed off Lawrence Jarach of Anarchy magazine. Not sure how, exactly. Maybe it was my letters critiquing their attacks on Platformism a few years back. If you are interested, they are:

Welcome to Anarcho and Aileen - about this site

As people who have been visiting this site to follow the tour progress may have noticed as well as my material we now have articles from Anarcho and from AileenOCarroll. My basic intention of the site is for it to become an archive and source for/of anarchist writers whose articles I think are politically useful.

Letter to Weekly Worker

I send letters reasonably often. I've just sent one to the UK based Weekly Worker on the Russian revolution. They edited it down, and cut out a couple of key points. Their version can be found here. They removed a key quote from Engels and the awkward fact that the Bolsheviks onslaught against the soviets started before the civil war, amongst others...

Is there much point in doing this? Does it have in impact? Or is it water off a duck's back?

Anyway, here is the letter in its original form.

Worth doing?

Well, I could have a blog. Would this be of interest to anyone bar me?

I'm currently revising section H of An Anarchist FAQ and I've confirmed my opinion that Lenin not only distorted the anarchist theory in "State and Revolution", but also Marxist theory as well. The social democratic vision of revolution was, in fact, the orthodox Marxist one -- so the SPGB are right!


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