Debugging San Jose

De Bug San Jose The San Jose meeting took place at the De Bug centre in San Jose and attracted 32 people. The meeting organised by Amancer was the first public event they organised in the city.

Among the redwoods in Arcata

Redwoods Last nights meeting at Humboldt State University at Arcata went well with 35 people attending. The Humboldt side trip has been a very interesting one for political as well as scenic reasons.

An Anarchist FAQ News

Well, I should have a firm idea when An Anarchist FAQ will go to print early next week. Hopefully, I will see the pdf of volume 1 soon as well. Everything looks set for an official launch in August -- so just about a year late! Still, my fault for making it so big (or would comprehensive be a better word?)

Upated with interview - Apocalypse in Eugene

Image The Eugene meeting, which was small, 12-14 people, took part at the Apocalypse on Broadway warehouse in an industrial estate.

Portland once more (Oregan this time)

Breakfast in OlympiaThe morning after the Olympia Mayday 'riot' and my meeting there I was dropped back into the centre of Olympia where I was to meet Rogue and the others who were driving down from Seattle to take me to the Portland meeting.  With some time to kill I popped into a diner and got the largest breakfast plate of hash, gravy and mash that I'd ever seen.  Enough to make me a little late for the pick up point back on the main square.  The main thing I remember from the initial part of the drive down was the volume of military traffic on the road, I'd also noticed this on arrival in Olympia, whatever base is in the area is obviously huge.

A not so quiet Mayday in Olympia

Inside the Capitol On Mayday I was in Olympia, Washington one of the few East coast ports rumored not to be shout down by the one day strike against the war. The meeting that evening in Evergreen College attracted around 18 people, we'd probably have got more was it not for the drama of the day.

Belated May Day greetings!

I went to the May Day march yesterday in London with my children. Absolute nightmare getting there, eventually had to walk and meet the march half-way…

At the pitchpipe in Tacoma

View of Tacoma Last nights meeting at the Pitchpipe infoshop in Tacoma was the smalled of the west coast leg to date with around 16 people attending.

By the border in Bellingham

Waterfront in Bellingham Just did the most northly stop of the north west tour in Bellingham, a town of 75,000 which is just across the border from Vancover. Despite having to postpone the meeting 24 hours at only five hours notice just over 20 people turned up. It was at the university.

Quoting Marxo-capitalists out of context?

I've been meaning to reply to this more formerly than I have in the past (as I could not post a comment, I made one at Shawn Wilber's blog). As the wikipedia entry on "An Anarchist FAQ" (AFAQ) mentions it, I thought it would be best to address this claim.

Brad Spangler, in a post entitled Market anarchism as stigmergic socialism argues that AFAQ quotes the founder of "anarcho"-capitalism, Murray Rothbard, "out of context". He


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