Letter to Freedom on Mutual Aid

Here is a letter I've sent off to Freedom in reply to a criticism of my review of Steve Jones' attack on Kropotkin. It appears to be from a Stirnerite, although the narrow kind of egoist that gives Max Stirner a bad name.

Suffice to say, writing that introduction to Mutual Aid came in very handy! Here it is:

Dear Freedom

Welcome to Ramor

Ramoy Rya author of Clandestines - The Pirate Journals of an Irish Exile (AK Press 2006) is the latest writer to join the site. He lives in Chiapas, Mexico and his first piece reports on a recent visit to Oxaca, you can read it at

Leninists and Workers Councils

Well, after discussing how Lenin distorted the marxist theory of the state and how Marxists belatedly embraced the notion of workers' councils a mere five decades after anarchists had, I got to thinking that since then they have tended to make a fetish out of them (just as they had previously made a fetish of the democratic republic).

Mutual Aid, updated

I've updated the introduction to Mutual Aid, based on a few suggestions from comrades. In addition, I read through it and fixed typos and improved the grammar and structure.

I have to say, that doing research on this has increased my appreciation of Kropotkin's work immensely. It is impressive how well it has stood up with regards to advances in modern science.

Mutual Aid, AFAQ and Weekly Worker

I've finished my introduction to Mutual Aid. It is a bit bigger than I intended! I've posted for people to look at and make suggestions. As this is a new edition of the book, it would nice if the introduction reflected the modern developments in the field as well as putting to rest a few of the more silly claims about it.

Well that was scary

So this site is my first sole admin experiment with Drupal. As anyone who visited today will know it was rollercoaster. First the site was off line with a nice polite off line message - but for a long time.

All over in LA

Irrigation in Central Valley All journeys, including that through life, come to an end. Los Angeles was the end of a long road for me in more ways that one. I knew within a couple of weeks I would be returning to Ireland, so simultaneously it was the end of the 16 total weeks I had spent on the road, the end of my political activity in North America and hardest of all the end of a ten year relationship including four years of marriage.

At AK press in Oakland

AK press warehouseI first got to San Francisco via a long drive down the highway from Humboldt in Northern California, a great trip as it goes through the mountains where some of the remaining redwood forests are to be found. I've a surprizingly strong memory of listening to a long discussion about Twitter on TWIT on my iPod touch as we swung through the hills and over bridges before coming down to find urban sprawl and vinyards. It was a sunny day in San Francisco and I spent a couple of hours wandering around before getting the BART to San Jose.  It was only a few days later that I returned to the Bary Area but this time to Oakland and Berkley as the Bay area date was to be in the AK press warehouse in Oakland and I was staying with a WSA member in Berkely.

Debugging San Jose

De Bug San Jose The San Jose meeting took place at the De Bug centre in San Jose and attracted 32 people. The meeting organised by Amancer was the first public event they organised in the city.

Among the redwoods in Arcata

Redwoods Last nights meeting at Humboldt State University at Arcata went well with 35 people attending. The Humboldt side trip has been a very interesting one for political as well as scenic reasons.


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