At last! AFAQ volume 1 is on its way!

Good news. I learned at the London anarchist bookfair that volume 1 of An Anarchist FAQ ships this week! This is straight from AK Press, so assuming that it does not meet any icebergs or ends up in Germany (long story), then I should be officially launching it in December in Glasgow!

Back from the 2008 London Anarchist bookfair

Poster for British anarchist bookfair talk
Over the weekend I traveled to London for the annual anarchist bookfair to do a talk on the North American Anarchist movement (based on my speaking tour) and staff the WSM stall. The London bookfair is possible the biggest single anarchist events of that kind in the world with a few thousand people passing through the doors each year, around 80 stalls and four or five parallel streams of meetings.

I'm in the wrong job

Apparently, I should be a plumber:

"Joe was a man who was trying to realise the American dream, McCain went on, working 10, 12 hours a day to build up his business. He was planning to buy up another small business, but realised that under Obama's tax plans he would be penalised for earning more than $250,000 a year."

Why the new posts, useful links and a letter to Freedom

Well, the current crisis of capitalism rumbles on. Of the options I listed in Capitalism in crisis, again!, Brown has went for the Swedish option and nationalised banks (as, ironically, demanded in the 1983 Labour Party manifesto). Rest assured, though, Brown has said the people who got us into this mess with be punished - no big bonuses for them! Only getting a small bonus will teach them...

Latest video - Dublin health march

Another week, another video. This time I'm trying something new which is putting audio over footage of the Health Service demonstration that went through Dublin yesterday. These google videos do attract an audience, two of those I've put up so far are over 500 views and another hit 200 in 48 hours.

A new article on the crisis...

I've added an article on the current crisis. It is a combination of a couple of bits from An Anarchist FAQ plus some general comments I sent to Freedom after being asked to write a few words on it.

Seomra Spraoi opens up again in Dublin - video walk through

Seomra Spraoi, the Dublin social center project, is back once again. yesterday afternoon I visited and splashed some paint on the walls of the new premises at 10 Belvedere Court, 1 lane North of Mountjoy square.

More audio - on the economic collapse

I've been editing the audio recorded at a WSM meeting last Wednesday on The cause of the crisis in global capitalism to turn into podcasts and a google video. This is the second google video I've done, I'm very interested in the additional reach that producing material in this format may provide, the previous video has around 400 views at the moment.


Some recent audio work - Rossport, Fascism and Kibbutz

I've not been blogging anything like as often as intended for a variety or reasons including going through a tough period. But what I have been doing a fair bit of is audio recording, some of it with my new Olympus DC-40 which I'm delighted with. I'll try and blog a bit more often in future but in the meantime here are links to some of that audio

Oh what a surprise, another crisis!

My last blog entry was written after the record bounce back of the finance markets last Friday after short selling was banned. As could be gathered, I was not convinced that the crisis was over (any more than when that French bloke was arrested, after Northern Rock was nationalised, after the other actions which were mention to be one-offs which harmed an otherwise sound system). And guess what? Crisis is back.

What an insane way to run an economy!


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