Sorel and Syndicalism

This paragraph was dropped from section H.2.8: What is the relationship of anarchism to syndicalism? as it was not totally relevant (and section H was long enough as it was!). Also, Stack's statement was based on personal experience (hearing him) rather than being in print. Still, it is a relatively common myth so here it is in the blog.

Just finished Generation Kill

Following on from The Wire which I loved I've just finished watching the 7 episodes of David Simon's follow up project Generation Kill. This follows the United States Marine Corps' 1st Reconnaissance Battalion during the invasion of Iraq . It's based on the book published by Rolling Stone journalist Evan Wright who was embedded reporter with this unit and whose article resulted in three marines being disciplined.

New FAQ Mirror and blog and more...

Okay, two new "old" articles.

An Anarchist FAQ version 13.0

Welcome to the official An Anarchist FAQ (AFAQ) blog!

This will be used to summarise new releases, make announcements, make supplemental additions to the FAQ, clarify points, reply to any relevant criticism and so on. It is doubtful that it will be updated that often, but it is useful to have.

Site updated, multiple changes and registration turned off

The site has just been updated to Drupal 6.6 which gets all the security up to date. All existing modules were also updated and I've installed a number of new ones.

Bloom conference in Dublin

I spent yesterday morning and the early part of the afternnon removing 6 years accumulation of grease from the kitchen wallks. But in the late afternoon I escaped amd got to the Bloom conference in the Teachers Club.

Obama and a few links

Well, they went and done it! I hope that all the Americans reading this are taking deep breaths, for have seen their last day of FREEDOM! You are all now waking up to Islamo-Marxist regime change! The United Socialist States of America... you had been warned :)

An Anarchist FAQ launch confirmed

The official launch of Volume 1 of An Anarchist FAQ in Glasgow has been confirmed.

It will take place at the december Radical Independent Bookfair (RiB) in Glasgow:

Saturday 6th Dec
12 - 8
Woodlands Road

The launch will be between 4-5.30pm. I must mention syndicalism, given the venue...

Which is fitting, as I started work on the thing in Glasgow over a decade ago. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of old faces and, hopefully, lots of new ones too!

Belfast and the RIR parade from afar

The weekend of Nov 1st saw the Royal Irish Regiment stage a 'homecoming march' through Belfast. There were several republican counter protests and the Belfast WSM decided to call one of its own.

Chomsky and the Vote (USA Elections) What he says is completely true. The US democratic system is a choice between two factions of the business party, and to say that it will not make any difference is also incorrect. So what he is saying is think long and hard before you decide to vote, not to vote or even vote green (which is as good as not voting if you ask me). The people - the real ordinary people - the working stiff - according to political scientists do 'slightly' better off under the democrats. So you have to take that into account.


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