Reacting to the crisis in Capitalism - Are we entering pre-revolutionary times?

We are now many months into the capitalist crisis and ordinary workers are feeling the effects increase day after day. In Ireland the WSM decided to carry out a lot of activity in these initial months of crisis and a lot of my political activity in the last weeks has been in connection with this. Postering in Dublin

Unfinished appendix on economics

This is an unfinished appendix on classical economics (i.e., The Labour Theory of Value) and discussing its merits, particularly compared to neo-classical marginal utility theory.

AFAQ and Medieval Iceland

David Friedman has produced a "critique" of what was formally section F.9 of "An Anarchist FAQ" (AFAQ). As main contributor to AFAQ, I think it is wise to make a few comments about his comments. As will be seen, Friedman's critique is more smoke than fire, misunderstanding certain words we use and significantly failing to address the issues the section raises.

Anarchist films

I’ve been think of writing about this for a while, since I saw Reds again in about 2 decades. Very good film, particularly as it portrays the hopes the Russian revolution produced as well as the failure of Bolshevism.

So are there any good anarchist films? I don’t necessarily mean films by or about anarchists, but ones with an anarchist message or which anarchists can enjoy. I’ll mention three good ones, before discussing a not-so-good one based on a classic anarchist comic.

The future (and past) of economics

I was working on making a few finishing touches (so to speak) to an unfinished appendix of "An Anarchist FAQ" on classical economics (aka, the labour theory of value). During it, I had a look at Ricardo's Principles and Chapter XX ("Value and Riches, Their Distinctive Properties") in which Ricardo disputes Say on the question of utility and value.

YouTube AFAQ adverts

A comrade has created two short but good adverts promoting An Anarchist FAQ (via the mirror at the infoshop).

Report on the Nov 2008 Grassroots Gathering in Cork

Performance at the Grassroots Gathering

 I spent Saturday at the Grassroots Gathering in Cork. The event was pretty successful I'd guess there were at least 80 there on the Saturday. It's good that after its two year interruption the Gatherings seem to be getting back on their feet.

Volume 1 cover -- and suggestions for volume 2

The cover for volume 1 has been added to the appropriate AFAQ webpage. It is also included in this blog posting. It does look amazing! The rest of the layout is equally impressive.

The picture is from a French CNT May Day demo. It is such a good picture, and sums up what anarchism should be: a mass social movement aiming to transform society. The banner's multi-lingual "Direct Action Against Capital" sums up both our internationalism and a key part of our ideas, anti-capitalism.

Sorel and Syndicalism

This paragraph was dropped from section H.2.8: What is the relationship of anarchism to syndicalism? as it was not totally relevant (and section H was long enough as it was!). Also, Stack's statement was based on personal experience (hearing him) rather than being in print. Still, it is a relatively common myth so here it is in the blog.

Just finished Generation Kill

Following on from The Wire which I loved I've just finished watching the 7 episodes of David Simon's follow up project Generation Kill. This follows the United States Marine Corps' 1st Reconnaissance Battalion during the invasion of Iraq . It's based on the book published by Rolling Stone journalist Evan Wright who was embedded reporter with this unit and whose article resulted in three marines being disciplined.


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