The politics of envy and inequality

well, the bailout of the American car industry went ahead. Unsurprisingly, my suggestion that it should involve turning the industry over to the workers was not raised. Instead, it was used to attack the unions and the working class as a whole. To quote Senate to Middle Class: Drop Dead by Michael Moore:

125 years of the black flag of anarchy

As well as 2008 being the 150th anniversary of anarchist use of the word “libertarian” to describe our ideas, this year also marks the 125th anniversary of the association of the black flag with anarchism.

The origins of RAG & the production of their magazine at the 2008 Dublin zine fair

Last Sunday I staffed the WSM stall at the first Dublin independent zine fair and while I was there made an audio recording of the Revolutionary Anarchist Feminist Group (RAG) session at the zinefair. WSM stall at the Dublin Zine fair



Revolutionary Anarcha Feminists on their origins and the production of the RAG magazine by Andrew Flood on Mixcloud


Proudhon proved right!

Proudhon's "property is despotism" in action:

Barclay brothers tell Sark: you didn't vote for us, so we'll take our money elsewhere

Truly, the people of Sark need to be educated about the joys of a "new liberty" -- how could they be so silly to demand a say in the management of their lives?

Can libertarian or communist be saved?

This is something I ponder once in a while. Has the right succeeded (at least in North America) in appropriating the word “libertarian”? Has Stalinism ensured that “communist” be a word best avoided?

150 years of Libertarian

This year, 2008, marks the 150th anniversary of the use of the word “libertarian” by anarchists.

Greece is the Word....

Greece is the Word, AFAQ Launch, Black Flag and much more...

Well, volume 1 of an An Anarchist FAQ has now been launched. It was a bit strange to be in Glasgow without the family, but the event itself went well. Over 20 people, most of them new faces, and lots of good, if at times broad, questions (most of which I answered, I think). One comment was that I spoke too quickly, which is probably true but as it was in Glasgow I'm assuming accent-wise that was not a real issue!

60,000 demonstrate in Dublin against Education cuts

Last Saturday I took part in the 60,000 strong protest march organised by one of the teachers unions against the education cuts that the government has introduced to deal with its tax shortfall from the capitalist crisis. I've uploaded a youtube video of the entire march with a voice over of an article from Workers Solidarity.

Buying An Anarchist FAQ

Obviously, you can order An Anarchist FAQ (AFAQ) from any bookshop or any on-line bookseller. However, if you do then the publisher (i.e., AK Press) gets less money back in return (middle-men get their cut, in other words).

Normally, this is not an issue but as AK Press is an Anarchist publishing house then this means that they will not get that money to fund new anarchist material. Given its size and given that its price is £20/$25, every penny counts!

London launch of An Anarchist FAQ

London launch of volume 1 of An Anarchist FAQ

At long last we have the much anticipated book launch of An Anarchist FAQ (volume one) in London at Housmans Bookshop. The main author Iain McKay will be speaking on the history and aims of the work, which has now been published by AK Press. This will be followed by a discussion on the book.


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