On Anarchism and Democracy

I was not sure I was going to blog this week, given that I'm busy and nothing had got me annoyed enough or seem interesting enough to comment on. However, that changed thanks to this article on the (excellent) new book Black Flame (which I've blogged on before) and the comment exchange I had with the author.

The Red Flag of Anarchy

As discussed in An Anarchist FAQ's appendix on Symbols of Anarchy, anarchists at first used the Red Flag as their symbol of choice, with the Black Flag slowly replacing it over a period of many decades. Both flags, however, had their roots in working class struggle and protest, both were anti-capitalist symbols raised by working class people in revolt against exploitation and oppression.

An Anarchist FAQ on your e-reader

Thanks to comrade at A Division by Zer0, AFAQ is now available for your e-reader (assuming you have one, of course). They have done to "in order to transform this excellent piece of work into a format that people can enjoy in portable devices as well as their monitor or as a book."

The e-reader version can be found here: An Anarchist FAQ on your e-reader

It is available in various versions:

A review of a review

One of the better things about Amazon is looking at the reviews and having a laugh at the nutters who "review" books on subjects or by people they dislike. They give them one star and include a little rant about the book, usually showing that they have not read the book in question. This can be seen from Chomsky's books, "reviews" of Marx's Capital and books by leading American liberals (such as Paul Krugman). They are almost always by right-wingers, needless to say.

Unions, the Anarchist Conference 2009 and Proudhon

It has been a while since I blogged... That is because I've been very busy. First, there was release 13.1 of AFAQ which, in itself, took longer to do than I hoped. And for those with a good memory, the release date (18th of June 2009) is ten years on from J18 (as marked by the Guardian, strangely enough). J18 was fun and the very next day I met the love of my life (so that anniversary is easy to remember...).

An Anarchist FAQ version 13.1

AFAQ is now at release 13.1. So What's New at the FAQ?

Mostly, it is the revision of the first three sub-sections, plus introduction, of section I. This is the first of three revisions, with sections I.4 to I.6 next, followed by I.7 and I.8. This revision took longer than I thought, mostly due to the new sub-sections and the work they required.

Video: Shell 2 Sea protest over June Bank Holiday in Erris

Over the June Bank Holiday weekend dozens of people traveled from all over Ireland to Erris to join locals in ongoing resistance to Shell's project of imposing an experimental gas pipeline on the local community. I travelled down on the Dublin bus, an early 8.15 start complete with monitoring secret police car, for the 5+ hour journey right across the island to Erris at the western tip.

Yet another letter on Kropotkin

Well, Peter Gibson has written another surreal letter to Freedom on Kropotkin. I had to reply, as I hate to see such a misrepresentation of mutual aid go unanswered. And on that note, AK Press UK are looking into printing costs for my essay on Kropotkin's Mutual Aid, which must be a good sign! And if there is a good year to produce an in depth evaluation of Kropotkin's ideas this would be it! What with Darwin and all that...

More old writings on imperialism

I resumed transferring articles from my old web site to this one today and have just moved over five articles I wrote on different aspects of imperialism from 1992 to 2001.  As usual its a little scary to be reading stuff from that far back, in particular when it carries a title like The return of the "white man's civilising mission"!

Post March 30: The movement evaporates

Anyone following the blog will be aware of the way I've been reporting on resistance in Ireland to the capitalist crisis.



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