Do you want Geoengineering with your climate change?

This weeks New Scientist carries an editorial calling for "robust public debate on geoengineering". Geoengineering is the idea that if climate change cannot be avoided through a reduction in carbon emissions its worst effects can be avoided through large-scale engineering of our environment. The failure of the Climate Summit in Copenhagen has seen many scientists look to what is perceived as the only possible alternative.

The system IS working!

Well, for those who count… The TUC has produced an interesting report on inequality and income division in the UK. Its conclusions will hardly be surprising to anyone who has paid attention since the 1980s or has a firm grasp of reality (rather than neo-classical economics).

WSM review of An Anarchist FAQ

"This is easily the most comprehensive FAQ on anarchist theory, history and practice available today . . . The writing is such that the reader can find him/herself drawn into the book quite rapidly. It explains complex ideas in a relatively simple manner . . . It is the go to guide for the curious and critical about anarchist theory, history, and practice."

Last Post for People's Banks

The Rules – different for the rule makers

Do you remember the day when it was impossible to think about letting our banks collapse, at all costs, and those costs appear to be zooming upwards.  We didn’t even have the money to save our own banks, but we went to the European Central Bank with our peasant cap in our hands and they helped us out.

Anarchism and Workplace Occupations

Now that An Anarchist FAQ (AFAQ) has been revised, all ready for volume 2 to be published next year, I've been working on getting the next update for Property is Theft! sorted out. This is focused around Proudhon, Marx and the Paris Commune. A theme of this update is that many so-called "Marxist" principles were first expounded by anarchists, notably Proudhon.

Proudhon, Marx and the Paris Commune

This update of Property is Theft! is focused on two key issues, Proudhon and Marx as well as Proudhon’s influence on the Paris Commune (which explains why it has been updated on the 18th of March!). The two are inter-related, simply because many key “Marxist” positions are first found in Proudhon’s work or date from the 1871 revolt and, ironically, simply repeat the ideas raised by the Communards who in turn found them in Proudhon…

There is an alternative to the cuts - blogging an abandoned draft

Back at the time of the November 24th strike and the budget I felt there was a need to make a brief argument that there was nothing inevitable about the way the cuts were being implemented.  And to then move on to state how we could force the implementation of such a 'program.'  This was one of a couple of pieces drafted for discussion by the Social Solidarity Network in order to adopt a simple piece of text we could then try and build from.  Unfortunately as part of the general demoralisation due to the lack of resistance to the budget and the cancellation of the December 3rd strike the SSN process also fell apart.  Having drafted the text which is now orphaned I thought I'd share that draft via this blog.

Mapping the Feminist Walking Tour of Dublin with audio

Dublin Feminist walking tour 2010International Women's Day was marked, as is becoming traditional in Dublin, with a Feminist walking tour around the city center.  I recorded the seven stops and along with three stops from the previous year have now added them to my Google Map of 'Radical Ireland' as well as adding the text of the tour booklet to the Choice Ireland site.  About 150 people (mostly women) took part in the tour which was divid

BQ: Roundtable on Social Movements and Praxis

Better Questions meeting at Seomra SpraoiThe final Better Questions seminar was last week, this was a 'Roundtable on Praxis' with Fergal (who is another WSM member) and Theresa O’Keefe a feminist academic and activist. Fergal who is a community educator and activist gave a short introduction to the ideas of Paulo Freire entitled 'Hope, cultural politics and popular education'.

An Anarchist FAQ version 14

An Anarchist FAQ version 14.0

AFAQ is now at release 14.0 So What's New at the FAQ?

This revision was made as part of getting the second volume of the FAQ ready for publication. That is now complete. Volume 2, which includes sections G to J, is now complete and ready for AK Press to proof-read and get the layout done. This is, as would be imagined, a great relief! Given that AFAQ was formally released on the 19th of July 1995, this means that this is the climax of over 15 years work.


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