Shell to Sea 'All the facts' leaflet published

A couple of weeks ago Dublin Shell to Sea finished work on the 'All the Facts' leaflet some 120,000 of which are now being printed.  The basic idea to to try and get mass awareness of the facts of this struggle and in particular the 'Great Oil & Gas Give-away.' This is what Shell to Sea are calling the deal that has been given to Shell and other corporations under which they will pay almost no tax and no royalties on the vast wealth in gas and oil that lies in Irish waters and that they have been given by the Irish state.

Mutual Aid Introduction update

Just a very quick note to say that my article on Kropotkin's mutual aid has been updated. This will be the text if and when AK Press UK publish it. While I had hoped that it would be out for this year's London anarchist bookfair on the 24th of October, I've just been informed that it will be delayed. Hopefully it will appear sometime later this year. And, hopefully, the new Black Flag will be there at the bookfair...

An Anarchist FAQ version 13.3

AFAQ is now at release 13.3. So What's New at the FAQ?

This is the last changes of section I, with the revision of the remaining three sub-sections. This revision was done on schedule and the next seems to be going well and as planned.

Video & interviews of anarchists in the Spanish Revolution

CNT lorry during Spanish RevolutionBack in 1986 Granada did a fantastic 6 part documentary on the Spanish Civil War.  Each episode was an hour long and based around news reel footage from the time (much of it shot by anarchist film crews) and interviews with surviving participants.  The six episodes are now up on youtube Google video, if you've not seen them I highly recommend them.

John Zerzan has a go (again)

Thanks to a friend on Facebook it has been brought to my attention that primitivist guru John Zerzan had a go at me on his weekly Eugene, Oregon radio show recently.  This is a little strange as Zerzan and his listeners are seperated from me by nine time zones including the entire Atlantic ocean and the entire width of North America but I guess we have history.  He's part of a small but noisy anti fan base I seem to have developed on the west coast of the USA.

Reading Stephen Ambrose's Crazy Horse and Custer

Crazu Horse on the way to surrendering in 1877I spotted Stephen Ambrose's biography of Crazy Horse and Custer remaindered at a bargin bookshop in Dublin a few weeks back and picked it up with an armful of other random bargins.  Ambrose is famous as the author of Band of Brothers which was serialised into a hit TV show and other second world war histories.  So I was curious as to what angle he was likely to take on the American - Lakota Sioux war of the 1860's and 1870's

Proudhon and Marx on Exploitation

Here is an exclusive extract from the introduction to the Proudhon Anthology I’m working on (and we do need more translators, if you want to contribute!). It is on Proudhon’s theory of exploitation and how Marx, basically, appropriated it …

Also, the translations are progressing. Got a chapter of Confessions of a Revolutionary and it contained a wonderfully witty insult. Made me laugh out loud so I thought I would share:

A picture can tell a thousand words

Of course, it's not exactly as simple as it first appears. In the wake of the crash the ISDA started chivvying CDS dealers to try and net out their deals. As CDS are fixed term contracts and normally non-tradeable, the common practice for getting out of a CDS deal before the fixed term (usually 5 years) expires is to create a second, opposite contract. The end result is double the notional outstanding, though the deal has been effectively cancelled

Inequality in the UK

A few weeks ago I posted an article on inequality in the UK, using a surreal article in the right-wing Daily Mail. It essentially protrayed those on £50,000 a year as "middle class" or "middle income". In fact, they were talking about people in the top 10%! Since then, I've come across a useful TUC source addressing this

The Lost Revolution launch - history of Official IRA and Workers Party

Last night I went to the launch of a new history of the Offical IRA and the Workers Party called ‘The Lost Revolution’ by Brian Hanley and Scott Miller.  I've been wiaiting for a detailed history of the Workers Party to be written for a long time and I knew Scott was working on one.  I've only read the first couple of chapters so far but from these, what people have been saying about it and the huge crowd that turned up for the launch



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