A picture can tell a thousand words

Of course, it's not exactly as simple as it first appears. In the wake of the crash the ISDA started chivvying CDS dealers to try and net out their deals. As CDS are fixed term contracts and normally non-tradeable, the common practice for getting out of a CDS deal before the fixed term (usually 5 years) expires is to create a second, opposite contract. The end result is double the notional outstanding, though the deal has been effectively cancelled

Inequality in the UK

A few weeks ago I posted an article on inequality in the UK, using a surreal article in the right-wing Daily Mail. It essentially protrayed those on £50,000 a year as "middle class" or "middle income". In fact, they were talking about people in the top 10%! Since then, I've come across a useful TUC source addressing this

The Lost Revolution launch - history of Official IRA and Workers Party

Last night I went to the launch of a new history of the Offical IRA and the Workers Party called ‘The Lost Revolution’ by Brian Hanley and Scott Miller.  I've been wiaiting for a detailed history of the Workers Party to be written for a long time and I knew Scott was working on one.  I've only read the first couple of chapters so far but from these, what people have been saying about it and the huge crowd that turned up for the launch

Anarchists and health care reform

Well, I'm back from holiday. Which explains the lack of posts and blogs (but I did manage to get another release of An Anarchist FAQ done). I've posted a new article on the economics of anarchy, based on my speech at the Radical Routes conference earlier this year.

Articles from the Dublin bin tax struggle 2001-2003

Septembe 2003 was the start of the intense period of the bin tax struggle in Dublin, a struggle that was to see 25+ people jailed as the state tried to crush the campaign.  I've just uploaded the news articles I wrote at the time on the struggle to my archive on this site, this blog summarises these and links to each of the news posts as it is summarised.  I also explain the internal context of what is argued to a greater level then could be done at that time.

Theses for a Post-humanist economics

Moniac Economic Computer

This is neither a manifesto or a manual. It is a call to rethink the paradigm of change. The purpose of these theses is neither to analyse, argue, persuade or convince, but only to provoke.

Communism (again)

Today the word "communism" is most often associated with the totalitarian one-party states of Soviet Russia or China. Nothing could be further from the anarchist goal of a stateless, free society. So the association of anarchism with communism seems, at first sight, perverse.

The tortured geography of Berlin

I arrived back last week from a weeks holiday in Berlin during which I did a meeting on 'Organised Anarchism in Ireland' and an interview with Shane of (Berlin) Anarchist Media Group, you'll find the audio at the end of this blog post. I also spent a good bit of time walking around the city, which I last visited, shortly after the wall had come down, in 1990. The geography of Berlin reflects its difficult history; I'm mostly talking about that aspect in this blog post.

An Anarchist FAQ version 13.2

AFAQ is now at release 13.2. So What's New at the FAQ?

Mostly, it is the revision of two sub-sections of section I. This is the second of three revisions, although this release was changed to be just with sections I.4 and I.5. Section I.6 will be done at the same time as  I.7 and I.8. This revision was done on schedule and the next seems to be going well and as planned.

Some more designs for stickers posters etc

Ok heres a few posters stickers ive been working on lately, or over the past while



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