Complete audio list from 2009 Dublin Anarchist Bookfair

I already briefly blogged the 2009 Dublin anarchist bookfair but here is the complete set of audio files I recorded and that I've edited and uploaded to indymedia over the last couple of weeks.  There is about seven hours worth in total. Also the video of Ashanti Alston speaking at the bookfair.

Fawkes pas, or the joy of ideology

One of the most bizarre things I have seen in my time in politics is the ability of people to hold two obviously contradictory ideas in their heads at the same time. Sometimes the contradiction is palpable, sometimes not so, but it is real.

Audio: Stanley Aronowitz in Dublin

Stanley Aronowitz Dublin poster

Saturday before last Stanley Aronowitz was in Dublin and we grabbed him to do a talk at Seomra Spraoi on 'Popular Education in a time of Struggle'.  This was part of an ongoing effort to get a Education Workers Network off the ground and the meeting did attract 30+ people which is pretty good for a Sunday afternoon.


Stanley Aronowitz on Popular Education in a time of Struggle (talk given to WSM in Dublin ) by Workers Solidarity on Mixcloud


A few comments on Post-Left Anarchy

Well, family and personal illness has ensured I missed the G20 protests. Instead, I've gotten into a discussion of "post-left anarchy" on the anarchy list, as a "Post-Left" anarchist has joined and wished to discuss it. So I thought I would share some of my thoughts here as well, plus post an old letter in reply to Bob Black defending his (false) assertion that most Italian syndicalists became fascists.

Mountjoy prison and my 1st music video

Free Maura banner at Mountjoy jailFriday 27th saw me attend the evening music session at the gates of Mountjoy prison where Maura Harrington is still being held within.

Remembering S26 2000 - Prague and the World Bank riot

Riot in Prague S26Just over ten day back I reposted the text of my talks to the Prague 2000 counter summit and the detailed account I wrote of the riots of S26 and what the events moved for the emerging movement.  As with the other sequences of articles I've been

Dead Russians

Dead Russians? While it may sound like a punk band it is, in fact, an article in the Weekly Worker on how great Lenin and Trotsky were. Needless to say, I felt I had to reply -- a wee bit late, as I was very ill. The article covers a lot of ground, so I had to miss out a few critiques but I covered the usual ground. The letter is, as usual, at the end of this blog -- after some discussion of a few other dead Russians and, again, some economics links.

Social centers in Europe and North America

The infoshop is not the revolutionLast December I took part in a discussion of the politics of social centres in Seomra Spraoi in Dublin, I've now put the audio of that meeting online.  I talked about the places I visited while touring

Release Maura Harrington and secret police shennagans

img_4575.jpgOn Saturday after taking part in a distribution of the latest issue of Workers Solidarity in the Liberties I headed to the GPO for a rally demanding the release of Shell to Sea campaigner Maura Harrington whose imprisonment I have previously blogged. Around 50 people had gathered at the GPO in Dublin to demand the release of Shell to Sea campaigner Maura Harrington. After a short period at the GPO we went up to Mountjoy prison where Maura has been held since Wednesday evening.

Scuffles at Mountjoy prison as Maura Harrington imprisoned

Scuffles outside Mountjoy prison in Dublin Last evening after the news of the 30 day sentence imposed on 55 year old Shell to Sea protester Maura Harrington filtered through supporters converged on the gates of Mountjoy prison. By the time the van carrying Maura came into view over 30 supporters were waiting at the prison gates, matched by a similar number of Gardai.



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