Scuffles at Mountjoy prison as Maura Harrington imprisoned

Scuffles outside Mountjoy prison in Dublin Last evening after the news of the 30 day sentence imposed on 55 year old Shell to Sea protester Maura Harrington filtered through supporters converged on the gates of Mountjoy prison. By the time the van carrying Maura came into view over 30 supporters were waiting at the prison gates, matched by a similar number of Gardai.

Stephen Colbert also rocks (madness on the right?)

My last blog had a wonderful embedded video of Jon Stewart destroying CNBC and its finincal reporting. He also had a go on CNBC on Letterman However, in terms of absolute laughout loud madness, this week's prize goes to Stephen Colbert: Colbert outguns Beck: Welcome to the 'Doom Bunker'.

Another successful Dublin anarchist bookfair

Seomra Spraoi workshopIn the region of 1,000 people attended the Dublin 2009 Anarchist bookfair at Liberty Hall on Saturday. From the time doors opened at 10.30 to 6pm a constant stream of people came into the venue to browse the books, listen to the speakers or to take part in workshops and discussions.

Do not annoy Jon Stewart (plus crisis analysis and Kropotkin)

I wasn't planning to blog today, but I was watching The Daily Show last night and Jon Stewart was particularly good (but where is the UK equivalent?). He quite simply lets rip at Wall Street and the CNBC coverage. I'm sure the guy who cancelled now wished he turned up... Really, do not annoy Jon Stewart, particularly during an economic crisis and massive government bailout...

New articles, Mutual Aid and 30 Rock

Well, when I posed my previous blog (on my letter to Freedom on Keynes), I did think that I would be blogging against quite quickly. However, this was not to be. I was expected a reply to my latest letter to the Weekly Worker on anarchism, but there was no reply in the next two issues. They did publish my letter along from another anarchist one (and, yet again, I must praise their letters policy as being excellent) but no reply. I'm not that surprised, I should note.

Letter to Freedom about Keynes

The alternative bookfair at Ghent was very good. It was well organised, good selection of stalls, nice atmosphere, and a good venue (it was in an old factory, I think, so high ceilings so it did not get too hot -- always a problem at the London anarchist bookfair). And the food was very good. I would recommend going to the next one! So a big "well done!" to everyone involved!

Design - capitalism makes slaves

yeah so heres my first offering to the loose band of anarchists online, not sure how lots of this works yet, but with perseverance it'll be a doddle

Mutual Aid Launch 4th March London

Freedom Bookshop, 7PM, Wednesday, March 4th

Angel Alley, 84b Whitechapel High Street, Whitechapel, London

Zapatistas & revolutionary romance


I've been uploading a large selection of the images I took at the Zapatista encounter in Chiapas in 1996 to my Facebook this week in parallel with posting the articles and talks I wrote on the Zapatista's from 2004 to 2006 to my archive on this site.  It's been a pretty intense trip down memory lane, some of which I share here.

AFAQ critique of a Marxist vindicated

One of the aims of An Anarchist FAQ (AFAQ) is to refute common myths about anarchism, particularly those spread by those opposed to anarchism. Marxists of various sorts (mostly Leninists, but not solely that trend) seem to be incapable of discussing anarchism without distorting it.



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