Proudhon’s Sexism and Racism

A two new extracts are now on line, both from an important discussion by Proudhon about the state, what it is and why anarchists are against it. They are part of the polemic he undertook with the state socialists Louis Blanc and Pierre Leroux at the end of 1849 and beginning of 1850. The previously posted letter to Leroux is part of that debate.

Two Thinkers have a great Scrap - The odd couple of the Enlightenment


Review  of the book

Two Great Thinkers at War in the Age of Enlightenment
By David Edmonds and John Eidinow


In this book we find an account of two great thinkers of their age, when they get right down to it, behaving like children in a school yard.  Instead of David Hume extending a Scottish invitation to little crazed Jean Jacques Rosseau to meet later for a pugilistic dispute resolution, they printed articles in the papers of the day to defend and attack one another.  As the authors state “Their reasoning about reason showed that reason could get us only so farand we enter an interesting world where they leave that reason far behind. 



Anarchism as a brand

For some in the anarchist movement “marketing” and “branding” are dangerous words, however even those of us more pragmatic in our outlook have often failed to critically evaluate the anarchist brand identity. Clearly marketing and branding are useful tools for our movement, to abandon them on idealogical grounds would be to deny ourselves an important weapon in the battle against capitalism. So what exactly is a brand identity?

To quote wikipedia:

Proudhon Reader Introduction

I've added quite a few sections, including most of the introductory material and the glossary of terms, people and events. Hopefully the introduction will give some idea of why Proudhon is important as both a thinker in his own right and as founder/father of anarchism.

Pirate Radio and activist audio recording methods and equipment

Flyer for Dublin pirate station Radio Active Way back around 1993 I co-hosted a political slot on a pirate radio station for a few weeks, that was my first experiment with audio rather than writing as a way of transmitting ideas. The experiment was brief and it was a decade later in 2005 before I returned to audio, this time online.  As well as talking a little about Radioactive this post looks at the technology I've used and methodology I've developed since then in the course of recording some 100 audio segments.  I include sample recordings so you can see how different equipment gives different results.

Proudhon quotes

First off, I've added a new text to the "Property is theft!" book page, namely the classic article "The Malthusians

Proudhon Reader Contents

Well, that is it -- the Proudhon Reader has been sent to AK Press! Finally... In addition, the book's webpage has been started (, the first extract been put on-line and the first blog posting has been done.

Property is Theft!

Welcome to the new blog for the new Pierre-Joseph Proudhon anthology, Property is Theft! This is due to be published in November this year by AK Press and will mark the 170th anniversary of Proudhon's "What is Property?" and the birth of anarchism as a named socio-economic theory.

All the right notes

Eric words up Previn

Andre Previn: "But... But... You're playing... You're playing all the wrong notes."
Eric Morecambe: [Grabs Previn by the lapels] "I'm playing all the right notes. But not necessarily in the right order"

This post is about the immaterial product, using the concept of use-shape, the occasional translation of Marx's Gebrauchgestalt, to explore this sometimes confusing concept. We explore the concept of the pattern form, a type of non-subjective, i.e. "really-existing", yet immaterial shape, which is the concrete form of the immaterial product.

A people's history of Howard Zinn

Howard Zinn - serve the peopleI got home from a WSM meeting last night to discover via Facebook that Howard Zinn had just died.  In the twelve hours since hundreds of my FB friends have posted reactions to this enormous loss and links to his material.  Reproducing these spontaneous and often heartfelt reactions here seems a fitting way of marking the death of the man who wrote "We don't have to engage in grand, heroic


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