The momentum towards a national strike and putting revolution on the agenda

WSM on Dublin march

As those who are following my Facebook status updates will be aware things have gone crazy busy here in Ireland.  Because Ireland was one of the most globalised economies it is being hit hard by the global recession.  The impact is further added to because neo liberal ideology meant we have a very very deregulated bank and property sector and a government based on that section of the capitalist class.  This led to a lot of what they call 'corruption' which meant that the very wealthy 1% ripped off huge quantities of wealth during the celtic tiger but are now trying to impose the cost of the crisis on the working class.

Don't Moan, Organise

Don't Moan, Organise

Here's a poster wot I have just made. It's obviously a play on "Don't Mourn, Organise" - but the Irish seem to moan more than mourn. I wanted to encourage those who grumble into their pints to do a little more, particularly now, when we actually have to get up off our arses and try and influence the direction our crumbling country is going in.

Anarchy and panarchy

When section F.7 on the history of "anarcho"-capitalism and its (non-)relation with anarchism was being written, there was a mention of "Panarchy" which simply did not fit easily into the sections.

Ask not what the economy can do for you, but what you can do for the economy

Philip Lane, Professor of International Macroeconomics at TCD, had a letter in Monday's Financial Times arguing that there was no connection between Irelands economic collapse and its membership of the EMU. He concludes

Re-trying twitter

I set up a twitter account about a year back, posted one tweet and never logged in again. With all the recent media hype (and the fact that they talk about it every show of the tech podcast TWIT (no relation) I listen to) I've decided to give it a second chance. This also ties into my intention of writing an articles on anarchist use of social networking, in particular looking at the legtimate concerns people have about security. We set up a WSM facebook account a couple of months back and its proved pretty useful to date but I'll hold further thoughts till I actually write that up.

Paraskevidekatriaphobic (Fear of Friday 13th) thoughts

‘I think it’s all going to end in revolution’ my 77 year old mother said to me without even a hint of humour in her voice. ‘I hope so Ma, I hope so.’

Cover stories & globalisation

WS61I've been reposting some of my articles dealing with globalisation from the 1999 - 2002 period over the last week or so. Among them are a few short cover stories I wrote for Workers Solidarity in those years.

Socialisation, capitalisms and the Weekly Worker

As I've replied to the reply to my letter to The Weekly Worker, I though that I would take the opportunity to make some notes on a few issues I've been thinking about, more specifically on what socialisation means and, on a slightly related subject, forms of capitalism. I'll also mention, in passing, some credit crunch news.

What is Communism? - A Libertarian Communist Future

Communism has been variously described and various completely unlike systems have been described as communist. Communism in the analysis presented refers to libertarian communism, not the state capitalism of the USSR or other 'Socialist' regimes.

Communism is sometimes described by the credo: "From each according to one's abilities, to each according to one's needs." This credo captures part of the essence of communism. That is, the free production of goods from labour and the supply of goods decoupled from any systematic valuation of labour.

A Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Reader

Next year, 2010, marks the 170th anniversary of Proudhon's What is Property? and so the naming of anarchism as a distinct socio-economic theory. I think that given the date, it would good to produce a collection of Proudhon's ideas to both mark that event and bring his ideas to a new generation of radicals.



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