Trickle-down economics we can all agree with

Great picture from Iceland, found via Paul Krugman's blog (Trickle-Down Economics). Photographs of bankers who left Iceland after the financial crisis have a new use in the restroom of a bar in Reykjavik:

Oh, and Steve Keen has an interesting blog entry too.

Audio: Torab Saleh on the Iranian revolution

Poster for meeting

Last night I caught the end of a meeting on the 'Iranian Revolution – the hidden history' organised by Hands off the People of Iran (HOPI).  The speaker was Torab Saleh who took part in the movement of 1979 and whose talk concentrates on the anti-capitalist mass movement that overthrew the Shah's regime.  He also talks about how it was that the religious opposition came to dominate the movement.


Torab Saleh on the Iranian revolution of 1979 - HOPI meeting in Dublin by Andrew Flood on Mixcloud


Speaking at a pro-choice meeting in Maynooth

Poster for Maynooth meeting

Last night I gave a talk as part of a panel on pro-choice struggles in Ireland in NUI Maynooth.  The venue was a good measure of the huge changes around that issue over the last 20 years, it would have been impossible to imagine a pro-choice meeting in what is the catholic priest training college back in the 1980's never mind one without even an anti-choice picket in sight. Later on someone told me that the Sociology building itself had once been used to house nuns.

WSM national conference Spring 2009

We had the Workers Solidarity Movement national conference over the weekend in Dublin which meant hours spent inside while the sun was out debating and voting on motions and then hours spent outside when it was dark downing pint after pint of the black stuff.  Which makes for the sort of weekend that come Monday you need a weekend to recover.

A Numpty for capitalism

Over the years, it is fair to say I've read more than my fair share of propertarian nonsense -- I had to, in part to refute claims that "anarcho"-capitalism is a form of anarchism, in part to critique their defences of capitalism.

Capitalism does not equal the market

First, some good news! My suggestion of a A Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Reader has been agreed to by AK Press. So, if you want to see an anthology of Proudhon published in 2010 then please get in touch -- even if it is only to recommend bits of Proudhon you like best. If you fancy translating material from French, I would be interested in hearing from you -- Proudhon's writings on the 1848 revolution really need to be in English (for example). Contact details as in the Proudhon blog post linked to above.

Complete audio list from 2009 Dublin Anarchist Bookfair

I already briefly blogged the 2009 Dublin anarchist bookfair but here is the complete set of audio files I recorded and that I've edited and uploaded to indymedia over the last couple of weeks.  There is about seven hours worth in total. Also the video of Ashanti Alston speaking at the bookfair.

Fawkes pas, or the joy of ideology

One of the most bizarre things I have seen in my time in politics is the ability of people to hold two obviously contradictory ideas in their heads at the same time. Sometimes the contradiction is palpable, sometimes not so, but it is real.

Audio: Stanley Aronowitz in Dublin

Stanley Aronowitz Dublin poster

Saturday before last Stanley Aronowitz was in Dublin and we grabbed him to do a talk at Seomra Spraoi on 'Popular Education in a time of Struggle'.  This was part of an ongoing effort to get a Education Workers Network off the ground and the meeting did attract 30+ people which is pretty good for a Sunday afternoon.


Stanley Aronowitz on Popular Education in a time of Struggle (talk given to WSM in Dublin ) by Workers Solidarity on Mixcloud


A few comments on Post-Left Anarchy

Well, family and personal illness has ensured I missed the G20 protests. Instead, I've gotten into a discussion of "post-left anarchy" on the anarchy list, as a "Post-Left" anarchist has joined and wished to discuss it. So I thought I would share some of my thoughts here as well, plus post an old letter in reply to Bob Black defending his (false) assertion that most Italian syndicalists became fascists.



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