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As people who have been visiting this site to follow the tour progress may have noticed as well as my material we now have articles from Anarcho and from AileenOCarroll. My basic intention of the site is for it to become an archive and source for/of anarchist writers whose articles I think are politically useful. Its running off Drupal 6 which came out recently and I'm waiting on the translation of some of the important modules before putting a lot of work into the look of the site. The intention will be for each author to have a URL that lists all their articles in a neat way and for people to be able to list articles by filtering for author as well as the various taxonmoic terms. In case you haven't noticed the 'Category Browser' in the right menu already allows you to select for several taxonomy terms at once (ie to just list articles about imperialism and the north american region. You can at the moment select just the blog or just the article posts of an individual author, also if you want an rss feed of just that authors stuff go to the list of just their posts and click on the syndicate link on that page. The syndicate link on each page gives you a feed for just the article types displayed on the page, not for the whole site. As I sort the site out I'll start inviting more authors to the site and probably work out a general procedure so that people can apply for an author account even if I'm not already familar with their writings. But right now I'm on tour, and will be for the next 6 weeks, so progress will be slow. Speaking of which I'm blogging this from a farm commune just outside of Gainesville, Florida. The ability to tour around and keep track of stuff whenever I hit a wifi signal (70% of stops so far) is actually quite remarkable when I compare doing stuff in the 1990's or late 1980's


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