The wealthy 1% still pull the strings

I've got a bit slow with blogging of late mostly because I've been doing a lot more news writing for the WSM site which tends to fill the slot a lot of my blogs were in.  As well as writing I do a fair amount of activist photography, some of which I use with articles but I've realised it would make sense to at least blog the photos of events even if I don't have time to post up a report.  So here are some images from a 1% Network press stunt / protest back in March.

This event was a post election press stunt designed to highlight the fact that the wealthy 1% still run the country whoever is in power.  The plan was to have songs and speeches as well as the actual photo call event but the weather on the night was brutal and when pouring rain threatened to fry the sound system it was decided to pack up.  An article on the WSM site explains the purpose of the protest in more detail.

The protest got 1% Network spokespeople onto a couple of radio shows but apart from that the only media output I saw was a small picture in the Examiner, reproduced below.

This was pretty small protest so its just as well so many Garda arrived down to observe us and add a sense of something happening.  The flickr slideshow of my best shots is below but I uploaded more images to a WSM Facebook album, something I intend to do regularly to attract people to the WSM Facebook page. 

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

I've also started to do some very quick edit's of video from protests.  In this case I actually gave my iPhone to a friend to film some of what was happening.  

by Andrew Flood (Follow Andrew on Twitter )


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