Speaking tour T-shirt (or Mug)

Tour t-shit A friend of mine (Aileen) very kindly made up a t-shirt of my North America speaking tour for me for Christmas via a internet t-shirt service. She said she could set it up so anyone else who wanted a souvenir could order one directly themselves so I'm providing a link below.

The ordering page is at http://420392.spreadshirt.net/en/GB/Shop/Index/index - there is a male and separate female version plus a mug. Aileen reckons they are a bit pricey (the mug certainly is!) so says she'll also send the graphic to anyone who can do it cheaper, email me at andrewnflood AT gmail.com if you want it. The quality of the t-shirt I got was pretty good. I did joke with a few people on the tour that I should do a heavy metal style t-shirt with all the dates. This is a bit of a more modern take. I'm a little self-conscious wearing it though - seems a bit too much like shameless self-promotion? BTW this site is located in Britain, maybe someone in the US could let me know at the above address if visiting it from there gives a US equivalent or just crazy shipping charges? Tour t-shit


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