Some recent audio work - Rossport, Fascism and Kibbutz

I've not been blogging anything like as often as intended for a variety or reasons including going through a tough period. But what I have been doing a fair bit of is audio recording, some of it with my new Olympus DC-40 which I'm delighted with. I'll try and blog a bit more often in future but in the meantime here are links to some of that audio The rise of fascism in Weimer Germany and its role today This audio is a recording of a WSM branch meeting educational consisting of a 17 minute talk on the topic followed by about thirty minutes of discussion on these themes arising from the talk. It's an mp3 file and was recorded on the 24th September It was first published on Anarchism and the Kibbutz movement An mp3 talk on the Kibbutz movement in Palestine / Israel focusing on the radical and anarchist elements of it. The talk and discussion is about 35 minutes in length and was given as the educational segment of a WSM branch meeting in Dublin, September 2008. Interview with Shell to Sea activist about the current struggle in Rossport Interview with Fergal who had just returned from a weekend trip to Rossport and who talks about the arrests of the previous week and month. As the Solitaire arrives Interview by mobile phone with Cormac in Rossport the evening that the Solitaire arrived in the bay Something strange happened to the Soilitarie that night I investigated at a Shell to Sea picket of Shell HQ in Dublin the following day


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