BQ: Roundtable on Social Movements and Praxis

Better Questions meeting at Seomra SpraoiThe final Better Questions seminar was last week, this was a 'Roundtable on Praxis' with Fergal (who is another WSM member) and Theresa O’Keefe a feminist academic and activist. Fergal who is a community educator and activist gave a short introduction to the ideas of Paulo Freire entitled 'Hope, cultural politics and popular education'. Theresa's was on 'Feminist praxis: possible lessons for achieving change.’

Social Movements and Praxis by Andrew Flood on Mixcloud

I'm under a lot of time pressure this week due to committing to too many things which have all become urgent at once so I'll spare you a detailed commentary. Both contributions were interesting but I think the session was more of a presentation and discussion then an actual roundtable, there are however a number of interesting elaborations in the discussion so both are well worth listening to.

I had to bail out early on as I'd yet another meeting to get to (in the next room, if you listen carefully in the second half of the discussion you can hear my voice coming through the walls in the silences!) Which is a pity as I'd like to have gotten in with some opinions on academia and activism and time pressure means I don't have time to do so in this blog. grrrr. But if things calm down next week I may do a blog of the whole Better Questions idea and the positive and negative role that radical academics play in relation to the left and social movements and how the interaction can be better handled from our end.

As usual I published the audio at where you can listen to it at the links below.  The presentations take up about 50 minutes, the discussion about 40 minutes.

Presentations -
Discussion -

The audio of the other three sessions and my blog posts about them can be quickly found (for now) by going to


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