Re-trying twitter

I set up a twitter account about a year back, posted one tweet and never logged in again. With all the recent media hype (and the fact that they talk about it every show of the tech podcast TWIT (no relation) I listen to) I've decided to give it a second chance. This also ties into my intention of writing an articles on anarchist use of social networking, in particular looking at the legtimate concerns people have about security. We set up a WSM facebook account a couple of months back and its proved pretty useful to date but I'll hold further thoughts till I actually write that up. In the meantime below should appear my twitter feed.

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A brief update So I'm still

A brief update

So I'm still not too convinced by twitter outside its potential to be used as a live newsfeed from protests and events for people elsewhere.  I have started using the Firefox extensions Twitterfox though which makes the process of posting an update a lot quicker and thus more likely.  I suspect it would be useful once you had built followers into the 100's as a way of driving traffic to articles, audio pieces etc but at the moment I don't have enough to do meaningful experiments to see what percentage would follow such links etc.


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