Pro-choice rally faces off counter demonstration at Four Courts - D case

D case continues in High Court - Pro-choice Activists In Solidarity With Miss "D" The D-case of a 17 year old woman who has been prevented travelling to England for an abortion continued in the High Court today. 

A pro-choice solidarity rally took place outside as well as a brief anti-woman counter rally. This was the first anti-woman counter rally during the case, it attracted less than 1/3 of the attendance of Saturdays pro-choice rally at the GPO despite the fact that many of the anti-woman activists had brought along young children to make up the numbers.

While the pro-choice rally ran from the morning into the afternoon the counter rally was only present for an hour - little more than photocall in the hope of getting media attention. 'D' refused to be intimidated by the counter rally and walked through it to enter the courts - they packed up and left shortly afterwards.

Originally posted Tuesday May 08, 2007 to

WORDS: Andrew Flood (Follow Andrew on Twitter )


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