Photos from Occupy London

I visited the site of Occupy London when I was in London at the end of October for the London anarchist bookfair and took the photos that in the flickr slideshow below.  These are a selection of over 100 shots, in particular I took photos of all the signs and leaflets that were stuck up to archive, most of them aren't interesting enough to include here though.

My favourite image is the anonymous gang who had just been posing for a photo taken by one of their group.  I waited until they were just starting to break out of the pose to get a more casual shot. The anonymous guyand the guy in the suit discussing on the steps on the Friday night is also a favourite. Shortly after taking that another guy in a suit came along and started shouted his congratulations to people sitting on the steps saying he was a banker who had just resigned.

The guy in the sunglasses being interviewed by (Iranian?) TV is another WSM member who was over for the weekend and who in fact headed to NYC and another interview at OWS later in the week.  We are hoping someone constructs an elaborate conspiracy theory after spotting him in both locations.

The pictures are taken on Friday night between about 22.00 and 1.00 and Sunday around lunchtime.  A couple of them show meetings in progress, either spontaneous discussions or to do with the organising of the camp.  I'm going to start doing these shot photo blogs from time to time.

by Andrew Flood (Follow Andrew on Twitter)


by Andrew Flood (Follow Andrew on Twitter)


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