Photos from Gaza - Mourning the Dead, Standing in Solidarity with the Living (28 photos)

The massacre continues in Gaza: more than 600 people dead, thousands wounded, tens of thousands displaced, hospitals, schools and ambulances attacked.  Photo album from this protest

This demonstration, called by Gaza Action Ireland, "was a chance to stand with Palestine and demand a meaningful response from the Government. Members of the Palestinian community in Ireland will share their grief, anger and determination in the face of Israeli's assault. "

"The action will include a 'die-in': BRING A WHITE T-SHIRT OR WHITE SHEET, pre-splattered or ready to be splattered with red. Signs bearing the names and ages of the dead will be supplied. Beginning at the Dept of Foreign Affairs on Stephen's Green South, it will move to the top of Grafton Street."

WORDS Andrew Flood (Follow Andrew on Twitter )



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