Photos from the Dublin March for Choice (and video)

Saturday 29 September saw thousands march through Dublin as part of the March for Choice and as usual I was there with my camera. I'd been part of the organising group for the event but my task for the day itself was photography, just as well as it turned out.   The slideshow here is composed of some of my better pictures from the day, as usual you will find a very much larger collection in the WSM March for Choice Facebook Album.

The photos proved particularly useful this time around as when I got home I discovered there was a huge ongoing row on Twitter because the Irish Times had bizarrly posted an article that significantly under estimated the attendence.  I was able to tweet a couple of the pictures that showed the large crowds to the Irish Times and to its editor and this along with others complaining saw the article in question completely rewritten within a couple of hours.  There is an account of the march on the WSM site written by LJ, another member.


That in turn led the forced birthers to go crazy, one going so far as to write a very, very long blog post claiming to count every single person who was there and come up with 850.  The rather obvious (unmentioned) problem was that he had used a video shot some time after the march had ended and the speeches had started as his source material.  As any regular at these sort of events knows a good percentage of people skip off to the pub or to do some shopping as soon as marches get near their end point.  Luckly I'd been wearing my headcam while taking photos on the march and was thus able to post a video showing thousands passing the O'Connell statue a couple of minutes after the march had begun.  Things went quiet after I tweeted the link to that video.

This is a selection from the 180 photographs WSM published in the Facebook album of the March for Choice.


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