Photos from CAHWT Red Card EU minister protest

Back in April thousands took part in the anti home tax march on the EU Finance ministers march in Dublin castle. The slideshow here are my better images from that demonstration and you will also find a link to the Facebook all that was fit to publish album.  A lot of work by the march organisers went into organising the iconic red card images you can see here, I suspect they will get a lit if reuse in years to come.

The campaign is going through a tricky time at the moment due to the role of the Socialist Party in pushing it down the electoralist road.  This has created a lot of internal division.  The WSM article Home Taxes - We’re beyond elections; time for direct action - vote down electoralism on Saturday laid down our argument against the campaign engaging in electoralism.

As usual I'm publishing these as Photo by Andrew Flood - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons

Larger Facebook collection of images from the march

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