Mountjoy prison and my 1st music video

Free Maura banner at Mountjoy jailFriday 27th saw me attend the evening music session at the gates of Mountjoy prison where Maura Harrington is still being held within.  Around 60 supporters from Dublin and Mayo gathered at the gates to play music, tell stories and even do a little dancing on a freezing March evening.

I audio recorded some of the performances and also shot some video with my Digital stills camera.  The video on this is low res and basic but its find if all your going to do is stick the final output up on youtube.  I've recently got iLife 09 which has a greatly improved version of iMovie over iLife 08, like a lot of Apple stuff the emphasis is on ease of use which means you can knock out basic video quite fast.

For the video I took short clips I'd shot on Friday and at a Saturday protest two weeks earlier and inserted the audio recording of Finbarr seeing a song of his own composition about the arrival of the Solitaire pipe lying ship last summer and the mysterious circumstances in which it became damaged and had to withdraw.  All sorts of rumors are going around about the Solitaries return, everything from those who say its about to arrive to those who say its unavailable until next year.

WORDS Andrew Flood (Follow Andrew on Twitter )



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