Lessons of the struggle against colonialism in Ireland - 2011 Toronto Anarchist Bookfair talk

Early in 2011 I gave a talk via Skype to the Toronto Anarchist Bookfair in which I described some of the aspects of the anti-colonial struggle in Ireland that I thought has some particular relevence to the colonial situations of the America's in general and Canada in particular.  The video was put on youtube in May and I had intended to find and tidy up the notes from the talk to publish here with the video but as 2011 is on its way out I'm going to post the video here as part of my end of year archiving / tidy up.  

The video is in serveral parts each of which I've embedded below, the first 3 are my presentation the last the Questions & Answers session that followed which turned into a fairly general discussion of the situation in Ireland. The official description of the sessions was A. Flood, of the Workers Solidarity Movement (WSM) speaks on the role and influence of anarchism and syndicalism in the Anglo-Irish war of 1919-1921.


Q&A Session


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