Irish Water meter installers continue to be frustrated in Dublin 7

Irish Water meter installers continue to be frustrated in Dublin 7 this morning (15 Dec 2014) in Avondale Ave, Montpelier hill and other locations. To add to the fun apparently the clampers have clamped some of the parked up Irish Water vans!

Because of the effectiveness of residents patrolling all the entrances to Stoneybatter they have taken to parking up their trucks at Topaz & Blackhorse Avenue in Cabra waiting for an opportunity to sneak in when people have to go to work or take breaks. Bottom right picture shows some of their crew hiding out near McKee Barracks as spotted by the Blackhorse Avenue page.

Even if they sneak in later in the day their efforts are often being frustrated, as Phibsborough Free Water Brigade advises "If you're able, drop by for the morning chats and the public display of dissent. Or if you're into it yourself but can't make it down, when you see them coming, just stand outside your front door or gate and stop them before they start. It's a breeze."

Meanwhile Stoneybatter Against the Water Tax reports that "Residents from East Wall have come along to show solidarity. The truck still blocked" - one of the useful side effects being to strengthen links between people living across the area.


WORDS Andrew Flood (Follow Andrew on Twitter )



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