Interviews from the occupation of the Shell HQ in Dublin

Audio from Shell HQ occuption in Dublin to protest the give away of natural resources.  Shells HQ on Leeson street in Dublin has been occupied by activists protesting the give away of Ireland natural resources to this corporation depriving the health and education system of billions of euro worth of needed funds.

The lobby has been occupied and a banner hung from the roof. The audio file below from is an interview with a WSM member occupying the lobby.

Shell are also currently involved in constructing a dangerous experimental gas pipeline through the community of Rossport in Co Mayo. Last year it had five locals jailed for 91 days for resisting the pipeline. This is a campaign WSM members are also involved in.

Audio interview (1mb mp3 and around 2.5 minutes in duration) at

Short audio update saying that a large number of Special Branch (secret police) and public order unit have arrived and tried to intimidate supporters outside at

First published on Mar 27 2007, you'll find additional images there at

WORDS: Andrew Flood (Follow Andrew on Twitter )


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