Dublin Solidarity rally with Kobane Oct 8th

On October 8th about 200 people marched though Dublin to show solidarity with Kobane under attack by ISIS in an emergency demonstration organised at short notice.


What was intended as a rally turned into a march on the Dail (Irish parliament) when more than the expected 30-40 people turned up. The attendance was made up of members of the Kurdish community in Ireland, Turkish leftists and anarchists, left-republicans and other socialists.

We prepared these placards for the rally, the slogan, translation and explanatory text were provided by our friends in Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet in the Turkish state some of whose members are at Kobane

Em hemû Kawane, li dijî Dehakan

When Dehaqs Exists,
We Are All Kawa

Kawa is a character in Kurdish mythology. He is an iron worker.  In the myth; there is a despot, named Dehaq, who eats two childern’s brain everyday. Dehak has already eaten Kawa’s 10 childern’s brain. But still there is one child of Kawa h remaining.  Ironworker Kawa burns a huge fire and starts a resistance against Despot Dehaq. All the people in Mesopotamia joins the struggle and they kill the Dehaq.

Every year, 21 of March this day is celebrates as Newroz. And everybody uses green, red and yellow colours on their clothes. These colours are the colours of the Ironworker Kawa’s smock. It means that “When Dehaqs Exists, We Are All Kawa”

View more photos of this protest, a few days later we also took part in a solidarity rally in Belfast

WORDS: Andrew Flood (Follow Andrew on Twitter )


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