2012 Dublin anarchist bookfair audio - and a SD card data recovery panic


Last week I edited the last of the audio recordings from the 2012 Dublin anarchist bookfair and got them online.  Each year we try and record any of the suitable sessions and get them up shortly after the bookfair.  This is never 100% successful as the hectic nature of the day along with random technical and other difficulties always manages to sabotage some recordings, this year was better than most as I we 'only' missed 3 of the targetted 9 sessions.  The audio from the 6 that made it are below, its almost 9 hours worth of listening in all so don't eat it all in one sitting.

Things were almost a lot worse as in an act of stupidity I erased the SD card from one of the two Zoom H2 Recorders we used before I'd confirmed that I'd copied the files over.  Big mistake as it turned out I hadn't.  I knew in theory that it was possible to recover data from deleted files on SD cards so the rest of that day was spent locating, downloading the testing various free data recovery tools.  The first couple failed but Data Recover Free by Softtote did the job in the end. So ssh! and don't let anyone know, it can be our secret.

As I say above we used a pair of Zoom H2 audi recorders for this.  These are really nice pieces of gear except they drain batteries at a super fast rate.  To avoid batteries going flat in mid session you pretty much have to put new ones in for every session.  One of the three sessions lost was due to not doing this and so losing a big chunk of the introduction talks.  Another was because it was physically not possible to get between the previous session and the next session to be recorded which were five minutes apart.  The third loss was because the discussion that took place after the showing of the documentary Bernadette moved to the bar where the resulting audio had far too much background noise to use.

Audio & Video from the 2012 bookfair

Old Media In the Age of The Internet - Why Bother With Radical and Underground Publishing - Video
This session of the 2012 Dublin Anarchist Bookfair looked at the value of paper and ink when the net is usually declared the real frontier. We asked our panel to track some of the connections between todays underground radical press, and what went before.

WSM & SP MEP Paul Murphy debate fiscal treaty & what the left should say - DABF2012 Audio
Mark Hoskins of the WSM debates MEP Paul Murphy on what positions the left should take on the Fiscal Compact to be voted on in Ireland May 31st. 

My Life in Politics: Women Speak - DABF2012
This session at the 2012 Dublin Anarchist Bookfair was held in memory of Sue Richardson, a Dublin anarchist who was a friend to many of the bookfair organizers and who had died earlier in the year. The panel was women speaking of their experiences as activists and consisted of.

Being an anarchist 
Recording of the 'Being an anarchist' session at the 2012 Dublin anarchist bookfair where 3 WSM members talk about the influences that brought them into radical politics and anarchism. Touches on 1981 Hunger strikes, 1984 Miners strike and x-case as well as more recent events like the Garda attack on the Dec 2010 student protest in Dublin.

Abortion in Ireland - Is the X case enough
In this session from the 2012 Dublin Anarchist Bookfair Socialist Party TD Clare Daly and Dctors for Choice spokesperson Mary Favier look at the ongoing pro-choice struggle in Ireland and in particular at the recent attempt by Clare to get legislation for the X-case passed through the Dail.

Eyewitness Afghanistan
Eyewitness Afghanistan outlined the current political situation in Afghanistan as told through interviews Farah conducted with Afghan politicians, artists, religious leaders, community organizers, journalists and activists between December 2010 and February 2012.


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