Anarchist Communist analysis of Insurrectional anarchism


The two articles 'Anarchism, insurrections and insurrectionalism' and 'Notes on the article 'Anarchism, Insurrections and Insurrectionalism' are now available to download as a PDF pamphlet in a number of formats.

a: As a duplex fold over pamphlet - good if you have a duplex printer and want the most professional looking results.

In North America use the US Letter sized version at

Europe and Elsewhere use the A4/A5 sized version at

b. As an A4 unfolded version. Handy if you don't have a duplex printer

The articles are
Anarchism, insurrections and insurrectionalism
by Joe Black,
An anarchist communist examination of the history of insurrections in anarchism and of the modern ideas of insurrectionalism (linked to below)

Notes on the article “Anarchism, Insurrections and Insurrectionalism”
by José Antonio Gutiérrez D.
The objective of this article is to deal with certain issues that I believe to be insufficiently dealt with if at all, in the article of Joe Black, “Anarchism, Insurrections and Insurrectionalism”. I believe those issues to be of importance if we are to debate on insurrectionalism, so as to understand in perspective some of its ideas and the specific place it has in the general anarchist movement.


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