Now with added pirates!

Now with added pirates!

Headlines I did not expect to see:

Pirates release French yacht crew

Off the coast of that "anarcho"-capitalist utopia, Somalia. I wonder if the ideologues will using that as a selling point? I can just see it now:

"Not only does anarcho-capitalism hold the possibility of voluntary slavery, you can also be a pirate! Just like in the movies..."

Perhaps not. Still, I suppose this will not stop some pointing to Somalia as an example of the benefits of capitalism -- many point to the example of Medieval Iceland inspite of it being obviously pre-capitalist!

Still, with the global credit crunch starting to kick in, I doubt there will be much call in elite circles for "Austrian" solutions to the crisis -- letting all crash will hardly be appealling -- instead loses will be socialised will profits will be privatised. As usual for capitalism. Still, it shows that a problem with capitalism is that finance companies and banks act like any other capitalist firm and they will innovate to make more money.

Still, the Austrians are as influential as other right-"libertarians" so I guess there is no need to worry too much about anyone listening to them... Although they will be at the forefront of calling for wages to by cut -- even though workers did not make the decisions which got us into crisis in the first place...


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