Mutual Aid, updated

I've updated the introduction to Mutual Aid, based on a few suggestions from comrades. In addition, I read through it and fixed typos and improved the grammar and structure.

I have to say, that doing research on this has increased my appreciation of Kropotkin's work immensely. It is impressive how well it has stood up with regards to advances in modern science.

Unfortunately, the folks at Freedom want it to be shorter so I'm going to have to let them edit it down. The good news is that the people at AK press (UK) said they may consider publishing it as a pamphlet. I'll keep yous all posted.

In terms of future work, I'll be chasing down a few more references for the Kropotkin introduction -- it should be at its final stage by next week. Then I'm going to continue revising section H of AFAQ (to be honest, working on the Kropotkin introduction has been a welcome break from Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky and the Russian revolution!). Beyond learning "what is not to be done", I'm not sure what this tradition has to offer to modern (libertarian) socialists. The minority libertarian Marxist tradition is far more interesting, but then they have drawn anarchistic conclusions from their own experience so that is hardly surprising.

Work on the next Black Flag will have to be started, and I need to do reviews of Naomi Klein's new book The Shock Doctrine (which is very good) and Kevin Carson's Studies in Mutualist Political Economy (which is also good, an excellent restatement of individualist anarchism, but which, I feel, does not address the issue why communist-anarchism quickly became the dominant form of anarchism even in America).

So, busy, busy, busy. And I'm not even half why through the new Iain Banks book!


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