Mutual Aid Introduction update

Just a very quick note to say that my article on Kropotkin's mutual aid has been updated. This will be the text if and when AK Press UK publish it. While I had hoped that it would be out for this year's London anarchist bookfair on the 24th of October, I've just been informed that it will be delayed. Hopefully it will appear sometime later this year. And, hopefully, the new Black Flag will be there at the bookfair...

This article has been read and re-read quite a few times now and so hopefully it will be typo free! So if you do re-read it and see something please let me know... In addition, I should note that this version has more changes in it than fixing typos. For example, the account of "tit-for-tat" has been expanded as the original version underplayed the results. Other material has been added, so you may gain more out of re-reading it. Obviously the basis argument remains the same.

And I should also note that an abridged version has been published in Anarcho-Syndicalist Review number 52 (the current issue -- it has a theme on Darwin). And some of the material from the appendix on mutualism in biology will appear (hopefully) in the Proudhon anthology I'm working on. Which has been really interesting, I must admit. That book should change how we view Proudhon's contribution to anarchism and, indeed, Marxism (Marx and Engels did rip-off many of his ideas, either directly or via praise for actions of the Paris Commune which had first been advocated by Proudhon). I'm also refuting some of the sillier attacks on him (I'll hopefully blog an extract on that arch-numpty Hal Draper next week).

Since this is about evolution, it would remiss of me not to include this YouTube video of Ricky Gervais on the Bible. I'm not his biggest fan, but this is spot-on and very funny:

That is probably the funniest thing he has done. Although, these snippets from his New Romantics band from the 1980s come a close second:

And I thought Ultravox were serious and pretentious! Although I like Ultravox, I'm not blind to their image...

Until I blog again, be seeing you!


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