More AFAQ news.

Due to a mix up with typesetting, the official launch has been postponed by a month. So, last weekend in September should see the launch of volume 1 in Glasgow. Hopefully. Almost certainly, in fact.

Still revising section H, with added bits and pieces on the critique of Engels terrible "On Authority". I doubt it will be ready for the planned release date of the 19th of July, but it should be done before the launch of volume 1. In a way, given how terrible Marxism has proven to be in practice it seems amazing that this critique needs to be done. Particularly as the failings of Marxism have confirmed anarchist predictions and criticism. But obviously minor things like degenerating into reformism and creating state capitalist dictatorships make little impact when it comes to the believers in ideology. Or, for that matter, the awkward fact that anarchists were right...

I'm also nearly finished the final draft of the Mutual Aid introduction. I'll need to do a much shorter version as well, which should be easy (and informed) thanks to all the research I've done for this essay. I should be posting the final version in a few weeks.

I'll also start transferring some of my longer articles from my old webpage on I've done my review of the Maurice Brinton anthology. Does anyone have any suggestions on what should be next? Any favourites? Or anything I should not bother creating here?


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