Appendix: James Donald and Noam Chomsky

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Appendix: James Donald and Noam Chomsky

This article has been added as an appendix to James' nonsense on Spain in order to get a better grasp of his technique and to better judge the reliability of his attacks on Spanish anarchism. For, as well as wilfully distorting the history of Spain and the activities of Spanish Anarchists, it should be noted that James Donald has done the same to Noam Chomsky.

In fact, it is no exaggeration that his hatred of Chomsky is pathological, as can be seen from Dan Clore's masterful exposure of his nonsense Contortions at First Hand -- James Donald vs Noam Chomsky.

The essay focuses, in the main, on Donald trying to prove that Chomsky somehow supported Pol Pot (people interested in this issue should read the 1985 essay The Chorus and Cassandra by Christopher Hitchens). The original version of Core's essay can be found here



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