Ireland 2010 - Pictures from a year of struggle

"You should blog more " Andrew says.

"I don't have the energy to write" I say.

"Blog your pictures" he says.

"Ok, ok, I will" I say.

Here they are. It's been the worst of years in Ireland. Do you want to know what it is like when the IMF comes to town? It sucks. It's miserable. Every conversation this year, at work, with friends, with the guy in my local pharmacy, with my bus driver has revolved around how fucked the country is and how much we have been taken for a ride. I tried to stop listening to the radio and reading newspapers.  It's unrelenting. Its bleak. But despite it all, and no doubt about it, there has been an almost unbearable amount of despondency, there have been moments of joy, beauty and struggle. I hope I managed to capture a few of them below, because during these grim times, these are moments we need to hold and cherish.

I've picked almost one picture for each month. It snowed in January so I've none from there, and I've included a couple from Rossport in June, because Rossport is just so beautiful I couldn't narrow it down to just one.

If you like them, you can find more pictures from the year here


deadly there's so many ladies

deadly there's so many ladies in these pics

Great words and pictures Fin

Great words and pictures



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