YouTube AFAQ adverts

A comrade has created two short but good adverts promoting An Anarchist FAQ (via the mirror at the infoshop).

Chomsky Visits San Francisco

This one has Noam Chomsky discussing anarchism set to pictures of the inequalities of wealth in America.

Anarchist FAQ 1 min PSA

This one has footage from the Spanish Civil War (both real and from movies like Land and Freedom) with George Orwell's famous description of Barcelona during the revolution.

Both are excellent and worth looking at. The best thing is, these were done by a comrade acting on their own initiative. This Do-It-Yourself approach is precisely what anarchism is about. Many thanks!


Hi Anarcho, I embedded the

Hi Anarcho, I embedded the video for you. To do this when you go to the video on youtube just copy the code in the embed box and paste it into the body box then publish using full html as the input format


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