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AFAQ is now at release 13.3. So What's New at the FAQ?

This is the last changes of section I, with the revision of the remaining three sub-sections. This revision was done on schedule and the next seems to be going well and as planned.

This means that section J is still on schedule for completion by the new year. The introduction to volume 2 is being worked on as well. This is to ensure that volume 2 is published as planned in 2010.

Section I.6 is mostly expansion of what was already there, as is section I.7. Section I.8 is mostly the same, but some material removed from section H is included in section I.8.11. Other than that, it is just expanding on what was already there and fixing typos and such like.

As noted in the last update message, we are still looking for good pictures for volume 2, so if you have any suggestions for striking graphics then please contact us. We are looking for something similar to volume 1's cover, namely a group of anarchists demonstrating with flags and good banners.


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