An Anarchist FAQ on your e-reader

Thanks to comrade at A Division by Zer0, AFAQ is now available for your e-reader (assuming you have one, of course). They have done to "in order to transform this excellent piece of work into a format that people can enjoy in portable devices as well as their monitor or as a book."

The e-reader version can be found here: An Anarchist FAQ on your e-reader

It is available in various versions:

  • epub – With full Index
  • pdf – In 9×12cm page size (exact for bebook) and including full index and Table of Contents
  • rtf – For those of you that prefer it in something simple
  • mobi – Conversion was not great but index is available. If you can make something better, let me know and I’ll host it instead.

Obviously, while we aim to make AFAQ available to all as it is fundamentally about spreading the message and providing a resource for anarchists and other radicals to use, AK Press has published it and it would be nice for them to recoup the money they have put into making it available in print. So it would be nice if people consider buying the book, preferably from AK Press directly as discussed here: Buying An Anarchist FAQ

So, please support anarchist publishers and your local radical bookshop!


Brilliant job! Thanks a lot

Brilliant job! Thanks a lot for this, seriously appreciated.


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