An Anarchist FAQ London Book signing (31-Jan-09)

After the much anticipated book launch of An Anarchist FAQ (volume one), there will be a book signing at Freedom Bookshop. The main author Iain McKay will be speaking on the history and aims of the work, which has now been published by AK Press. This will be followed by a discussion on the book.

According to AK Press, An Anarchist FAQ is an "internet phenomenon cum published set. We’re proud to provide this one-of-a-kind resource for new and old comrades alike. Many excellent works provide entry points for those curious about anarchism (Berkman’s What is Anarchism?; Meltzer’s Anarchism: Arguments for and Against; Goldman’s Anarchism and Other Essays; and Guérin’s Anarchism: From Theory to Practice, to name a few) and An AFAQ will undoubtedly find its place alongside these great books. And just as we return to the classic works for new insight, so too will we come back time and time again to An Anarchist FAQ for a reasoned and informed discussion on anarchist thought, theory, and practice."

“The anarchist FAQ has been one of the standout achievements of the last decade in terms of its rigorous treatment of every aspect of the theory. Its translation from screen to print is long overdue.” (Freedom)

What Anarchists say about "An Anarchist FAQ

An Anarchist FAQ Signing


Saturday 31th January 2009

Freedom Bookshop

Angel Alley

84b Whitechapel High Street


E1 7QX

Information on the best way to buy the good can be found on the AFAQ blog: Buying An Anarchist FAQ


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